Performance issues playing Pistol Whip (started after last update?) on Oculus Quest 2 with Oculus Link

2021.09.20 18:30 SitaNVGS Performance issues playing Pistol Whip (started after last update?) on Oculus Quest 2 with Oculus Link

I haven't touched OQ2 within last month or so, but I've bought the Pistol Whip before and it seemed to work just fine.
Now whenever I'm trying to launch PW from OL interface it launches Steam Home first (which also seems to have very bad performance), from which I can launch PW properly... with a pretty bad performance.
If I take off my headset and launch it from Steam I get the same bad performance, but without Steam Home launching.
Any ideas what can it be? I've checked other games I have (Half Life Alyx (!), Beat Saber) and their performance seems fine.
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2021.09.20 18:30 WillingPea6138 Abbotsford PPC candidate admits to having COVID in debate; takes aim at vaccine passports – Agassiz Harrison Observer - Agassiz-Harrison Observer

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2021.09.20 18:30 teachme2fish Shopify Discontinuing its Amazon App and forcing use of costly 3rd party app

I just got this email from Shopify:

Subject: Action Required: Install a new Amazon App by September 27, 2021
Reminder: On September 27, 2021 the existing Amazon sales channel will be discontinued on your store URL After this date, you must use a new partner app to integrate your store with Amazon.
The "new partner app" they're recommending is going to cost us up to $750/month because they charge based on numbers of orders rcvd per month.
Am I the only one outraged by this? Why is shopify removing the free app?
Are there any app alternatives to the app they are recommending which isn't going to cost us an arm and a leg to literally just have Amazon FBM orders flow through Shopify?
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2021.09.20 18:30 A_friend_of_you I have dishonored my family, I am ashamed and sed

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2021.09.20 18:30 mags6940 BMW M3 2008

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2021.09.20 18:30 JoshKully [OC] Character concept for my graphic novel “Tales Of The West”! Currently in the works and I can’t wait to share more soon!

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2021.09.20 18:30 Fire_TV Superb Fireworks in RAPALLO by master Catapano

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2021.09.20 18:30 LMMSDeadDuck Valheim Dedicated Server send/receive 64 kB/sec limit question

Back in April-ish timeframe, we noticed that the server starts to seem laggy after 3+ people connect. A cursory glance online shows that it was most likely due to a 64 kB/sec send limit. However, soon after reading that our group sort of dropped off playing and we generally only had 2 people on at a time so it wasn't an issue.
With H&H out, there's renewed interest in the game. Does anyone know if this base limit has been adjusted by the developers? If it still needs to be modified, is the "old" method of using the dnSpy utility still valid? I'm planning on resurrecting the server so I wanted to see if I should implement the change.
Thank you!
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2021.09.20 18:30 lutzcody Am I ever going to get my PS5? Been sitting at the local facility with no updates…

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2021.09.20 18:30 TheTraumaMagnet What are good ways to make some money before payday?

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas of how I (F24) could get any money at all between bi-weekly pay periods at work?? I’m the only person financially responsible for my child. It usually is fine, but I’m supposed to start school soon AND I am going to be able to move very soon so I’m trying to get money put away for us. Our living situation is awful right now and as soon as we are physically able to—- we need to. Aside from saving for the move, I also want to be 10000% sure that I’ll remain financially stable while in school so I can make sure she’s good.
I’m not sure if per diem jobs are worth looking into because I’m not 100% sure what they entail (new to me).
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2021.09.20 18:30 Aestrasz Debate: Actions in Combat

This post might be a little controversial, since it will be about the interpretation of the "Actions in Combat" rules, but it's not meant to change anyone's mind, I'm just curious to see what people think about those rules (both RAW and RAI), because I think they're not as clear.
Reading another post about taking the "Dodge" action out of combat, a lot of people said that you can take that action only while on Initiative. The same thing is commonly said about the "Ready" action.
The thing is, where in the rules say that you can take those actions only during combat? The first sentence of the "Actions in Combat" says:

"When you take your action on your turn, you can take one of the actions presented here, an action you gained from your class or a special feature, or an action that you improvise."
As far as I'm aware, it doesn't say anywhere that you can take those actions only while in combat, it's just a list of rules regarding the most common actions that people might take on their turns.
From the responses of the people on the other posts, I've seen four common arguments regarding why you can take the "Dodge" and "Ready" action only while you're in combat:

First argument: Because those actions are in the "Actions in Combat" section, so you can take them only while in combat.
Honestly, this makes sense, but I found a huge problem with this argument. There are a lot of rules for actions that appear in this section, like the "Attack" action and "Cast a Spell" action. If you can take the "Dodge" and "Ready" action only while on Initiative since they're in the "Actions in Combat" section, wouldn't this mean that you can Attack and Cast Spells only during combat too? I know in most cases, making an attack against an enemy triggers Initiative rolls, but you can also make attacks against objects (like a door), and I don't expect anyone to roll Initiative against a door.
Even the "Dash" and "Help" actions are in the "Actions in Combat" section, but in every table I've been, everyone is allowed to dash or help with skill checks while out of combat, and I don't see people on reddit arguing about it. So, why "Help" is allowed out of combat, but "Dodge" and "Ready" are not?

Second argument: Because you take those actions on your "Turn" and "Until your next turn", but you only have turns while on Initiative.
The same problemas as before. A lot of actions are written this way, even the "Help" action works until your next turn, or "Dah" only works while on your turn, so, again, why most people agree that you can "Help" out of combat, but not "Dodge" out of combat?
Even things like Bonus Actions and Reactions are worded in a way that they involve the concept of turns, but you can certainly take a Bonus Action out of combat, or cast things like Feather Fall out of Initiative.

Third argument: Crawford said so on Twitter.
I respect Crawford a lot, and I follow his tweets regarding the ruling of a lot of things, but every once in a while he changes his mind about something he's said before. I'm not saying he's going to correct himself about this, not everything he says should be taken as RAW.

Fourth argument: It would break the game.
Would it? I've seen comments saying that players would be "constantly dodging" if they could "Dodge" out of combat, but would they? This is like saying something like "My characters is constantly making Insights checks while talking to people" or "My character is constantly making Perception checks while on dungeons".
If your player tells you that he wants to constantly make Perception checks, tell them that's why they have a Passive Perception. If they want to constantly Dodge, tell them they already have a "passive dodge", it's called their AC. If they argue about it, then that's a problem with the player, not the game.
Now, when would it be okay to let your players "Dodge" while out of combat? Let's say your player thinks he's being followed or that there are enemies hidden, so he stays constantly alert for incoming attacks, taking the "Dodge" action. You can only dodge if you see the attacker, so if the enemies are hidden from him, they are not affected by the player dodging. Even if the enemies are not hidden, if the character rolls better than them on Initiative, his dodging will end on his turn before the enemies actually attack him.
A similar case could be said about the "Ready" action. Your party is making a deal with bandits, they might betray you, so your archers stays hidden in the back with their bow ready to shoot if the bandits attack anyone. Let's say the bandits do betray the party and draw their weapons, you tell everyone to roll initiative. What would be the possible outcomes? The bandits go first, they attack and trigger the reaction (a single attack, since Extra Attack only works with the "Attack" action on your turn), or the arches goes first, and since the bandits didn't attack yet, the reaction is not triggered. Would this be gamebreaking?
Another common situation, any spellcaster saying "Can I prepare a spell in case enemies appear in the other room?". Just remind them that the spell slot is consumed even if the trigger doesn't happen, and suddenly that player doesn't want to "Ready" their spell anymore in fear of wasting it.

If you still think that "Dodge" and "Ready" would break the game if used while out of combat, think about this: do most of your players even know that they shouldn't take those actions out of combat? My players certainly don't know that they can't "Dodge" out of combat, yet they never ask to. Not every group is the same, but I would bet there are a lot of players that think that dodging and preparing actions out of combat is allowed, yet they don't abuse it.

Tl;dr: Is it wrong or gamebreaking to allow "Dodge" and "Ready" actions out of combat? And if you think so, where in the rules do you interpret it that way? If they're intended to work only in combat, should they be worded differently?
Again, I don't want to change anyone's mind, I'm just curious to know what people think about this. And even if I don't find anything wrong with this, or I never had a player that tried to abuse those actions, that doesn't mean it couldn't happen to somebody else. But I think that is a problem with the player, not the rules.
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2021.09.20 18:30 knightlaw2018 Where do you/can you view your actual scores on the site?

I've heard mixed things throughout the year on viewing your actual score (a 136 on part A...or a 40 on essay 1...etc.)
Anyone have any input on this?
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2021.09.20 18:30 RLCD-Bot [Grey Twinzer] [Mainframe] [Vaporwave Remix] [Cobalt SLK]

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2021.09.20 18:30 Harryis16 [XBOX] [H]32.8k Pure [W]Tw Dune Racer

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2021.09.20 18:30 Truth_Speaker_1 Architect of Texas Abortion Ban Takes Aim at LGBTQ+ Rights While Urging Reversal of Roe

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2021.09.20 18:30 Irregular-User I'm special apparently

But not special enough for plot armor :(
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2021.09.20 18:30 Geruchsbrot Haut raus - eure unterhaltsamen Begegnungen mit Personen des öffentlichen Lebens

Da dies ja Grad im Bouffierfaden ausgeführt wird ist vielleicht Mal wieder Zeit für einen eigenen Faden.
Ich fange Mal Recht unspektakulär an: Vor einigen Jahren beruflich den Staatssekretär eines Landesministeriums auf der Arbeitsstelle zu einer Gesprächsrunde anwesend. Vor der Abfahrt (sein Chauffeur hat im Auto gesessen und mit dem Handy gespielt, hat zwischendurch Kaffee und Kippen von uns bekommen) geht der politische Beamte nochmal auf Toilette.
Ne Stunde später findet ein Kollege dort ein Handy, schön auf der Ablage neben dem besten Pott im Haus. Stellt sich raus, es ist das Diensthandy des guten Mannes. Es hatte übrigens keinerlei Displaysperre. Datenschutz läuft.
Panik und Aufregung! Handy wird in dem Tresor verstaut und das Ministerium informiert. Paar Stunden später kommt der Chauffeur alleine zurück und holt es ab.
Zweite Story: Dieter Bohlen kauft vor mir am Kiosk ne Flasche 08/15 Wodka. In Wuppertal. Erzählt dem Kioskmann dass er keinen Bock hat im Hotel ein Vermögen zu zahlen wenn er sich nur ne Runde den Kopf vollhauen will.
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2021.09.20 18:30 Kaffine69 The design looks kinda unique to me 🤷

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2021.09.20 18:30 alainaroundtheworld Video going mini "viral" in India -when to be concerned about bot traffic?

Hi all, just the backstory here - a workout video of mine did pretty well here in the US (about 100,000K views) but traffic essentially stopped/slowed way down a few weeks ago. This weekend, it suddenly picked up again, going from 400-500 views per hour Saturday to now 1,000 views per hour starting early Monday morning. I checked analytics and it appears most of this traffic seems to be coming from India.
At the same time, I noticed some suspicious subscribe rates this weekend - usually subs will trickle in here and there, but there were a two occasions where I noticed a massive bump - one was 20 subs in about 5 minutes and another was 50 over maybe an hour. This is not normal for my channel. Sure enough, about twelve hours later both of these chunks of subs were removed (I assume by Youtube detecting possible fake subs?)
My question stems from reading some of your stories about getting "click botted" and then YT shutting down your channel because it thinks you gave yourself fake traffic. Does anyone have experience with this? I have heard that sudden jumps in click through rate can be a sign of getting click botted, but my CTR only seems to have gone up about 1% in the past week (overall around 4% to 5%) so it seems unlikely to be the case here but I honestly don't know. I don't like the chunks of apparent bot subs, but I am assuming/hoping this happens to other channels too and that Youtube doesn't assume I did that to my own channel. Do I need to take any action or do you guys think this is normal and I should just let it ride out? Thanks for anyone who has any insight to share.
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2021.09.20 18:30 lpeters23 Devil dream, literal or figurative?

I’m a medium who has taken a break from practicing. I’ve encountered many positive spirits, but also some negative ones. Last night I dreamt that the devil was scratching my back. I told him I didn’t want it, and soon afterwards I woke up. It was so life-like, it was scary. Normally I’d think that maybe the devil represents something else in my life, but it was just sooo life-like that it was hard not to take as literal. Any thoughts? Not sure if it’s related, but I’m 4 months pregnant.
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2021.09.20 18:30 improviseren "You're a small tree with a big shadow"

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2021.09.20 18:30 Obnoxiousnessbot A nihilist with wheels for feet crashes through the front door and says “let us die” before his hands turn into blades and he slices you to pieces. What do you do?

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2021.09.20 18:30 DokCyber If you ever get locked outside your house by mistake, no need to panic...just talk to the lock, communication is always the key😁

If you ever get locked outside your house by mistake, no need to panic...just talk to the lock, communication is always the key😁
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2021.09.20 18:30 drooms18 Hummingbird stopping by for a drink!

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2021.09.20 18:30 DeepzandTeepz [USA-NY] [W] a GTX 6/7 series card for Nvenc encoding on Plex [H] Paypal

So yeah, as the title suggests, Looking for a GPU to use as an Unraid Transcoder, GTX 650/750/660/760 nothing high end or anything. hoping to spend <$50
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