Republican Shares Photos Exposing Biden’s Border Crisis: ‘Has Reached A Boiling Point’

2021.09.20 19:17 SpaceRocker420 Republican Shares Photos Exposing Biden’s Border Crisis: ‘Has Reached A Boiling Point’

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2021.09.20 19:17 Styled_ Logo I created for a healthy food restaurant, what can be improved? Open to feedback and criticism

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2021.09.20 19:17 dreambringer1 Emma Roberts

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2021.09.20 19:17 IAmTheLetterF Woah-Oh! Livin' on a ______________

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2021.09.20 19:17 alanhng2017 Poland ordered to pay $580,000 fine for each day it continues operating a controversial coal mine

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2021.09.20 19:17 Edmtdood What's so special about the new special smg?

I get that the LMG is LIT. But what about the other new weapon? What difference does it have with advance smg besides rate of fire?
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2021.09.20 19:17 thebirdsnthebeemovie My gorgeous derpy boy

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2021.09.20 19:17 Mojake Me when I heard that the new Helbrecht is on a 60mm base:

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2021.09.20 19:17 happyhungryhijabi DIY Iron Man Bookmark | Avengers Crafts for Kids

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2021.09.20 19:17 bauerwelson In case you felt like megaways never hit

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2021.09.20 19:17 youtuber00 TikTok

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2021.09.20 19:17 GlucoseBose FIFA 22 Squad Battles Changes?

As someone who plays offline most of the time, does anyone know if Squad Battles were changed in any shape or form? Less weekly games? Static Leaderboards?
Changes to rivals look great but I've never heard anything about squad battles.
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2021.09.20 19:17 Portsil_PA What is this sub called?

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2021.09.20 19:17 Justin_Timberbaked I found this at a yard sale and honestly don’t know what to make of it.

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2021.09.20 19:17 Soccer-Andy In season 1 episode 3 did you let Lucas lead you guys in the end when searching for Soren?

View Poll
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2021.09.20 19:17 Umair8292 Hey Guys!! I just brought a used 12.5 inch lenovo thinkpad x260. It has intel 520 graphics. Can anybody tell what are the modern games that i can play using this laptop?

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2021.09.20 19:17 noobknight87 Please recommend me something else other than news!

While reading the news has certainly helped me improve my vocabulary, I’m really starting to get sick and tired of Brazilian news.
Every story is about politics or COVID and it’s pissing me off. Worse still, if’s making me lose my interest in learning Portuguese (What’s the point of learning it if the only thing I can do is read another dumb story about Bolsonaro?)
I’m very sure Brazil is more than that. Where are the interesting human interest stories, stories about nature, Brazilian food etc.?
So, I would really appreciate if someone could recommend me something else other than newspapers. Youtube channels/videos, Books, Short stories, Podcasts or anything else that covers stuff other than politics or covid (international affairs is fine, in fact I welcome recommendations about it because it’s one of my interests.)
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2021.09.20 19:17 Evo_Gaming 3 Month Update

Been about 3 months since I’ve had my custom ps4 controller. Works like a charm, buttons feel the same and the stick tension has maintained the same. The textured grip actually feels better since I’ve put good use to the controller! The remap option is GOLD! Super easy and now takes me <15 seconds to fully remap buttons. Also, the smart triggers are truly a game changer for anyone that plays shooters. Worried about accidentally pressing back buttons? Never have ran into the issue.
If I could go back, I would have gotten 4 buttons instead of 2. I use the 2 buttons to crouch and jump, but would love to be able to swap weapons + ping easier. Other than that, 10/10 product.
If the biggest con is the build time, go for a quick pick or boosted build time. This is as good as it gets for custom controllers!
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2021.09.20 19:17 Mephian I thought of this today

I feel like GME has been moving a bit more like the markets lately. Market up GME up. Market down GME down.
I wonder if the hedgies are trying to make it look like GME isn't going the opposite way, to try and trick us that if the market crash we will too.
They will probably short heavilly during the market crash so that it looks like we are crashing.
Like always, all we need to do is 💎👐
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2021.09.20 19:17 FutureAce078 I wonder who I get most often hmmm

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2021.09.20 19:17 Bother_Professional Bidding has begun at 0.5 ETH over on Foundation! Up for 8 more hours.

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2021.09.20 19:17 LoganJFisher How can I make my dashboard automatically refresh?

My dashboard has my Google calendar on it, which is great, but it doesn't scroll to the next day at the end of each day, forcing me to manually refresh to get it to scroll down.
Is there any way to make it automatically refresh at midnight each day?
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2021.09.20 19:17 Secretly_knows Bot spam cleanup on aisle 3 - Rules for bots

Since the bot comment spam is getting out of hand, we have decided to put out some general rules for all bot behavior. These rules will try to limit the unnecessary spam the bots create, but still keep them functioning for people that wish to interact with them.
Rules for bots

Not following these rules will result in a ban
These rules can be changed in the future one way or another.
All bot creators have 24 hours to change the behavior of their bot to follow these rules. Not doing so will result in the first 1 day ban.
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2021.09.20 19:17 Mrp2882 What is dynamic loot?

I have taken time off for a few wipes and I have just come back. I understand the change is permanent and that it will be tweaked over time. However, I don’t quite understand it? Does it mean that keys like E110 tape key don’t spawn ledx’s anymore.
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2021.09.20 19:17 sinexter Injury Reserve Album Release Performance - By the time I get to Phoenix (September 17 show at Palabra) credits to capturing IG live video to 5CR4TCH from discord server

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