"Black Lives Matter 757 also tweeted it would hold a vigil tonight at 7:57 p.m. in Newport News." For the shooter or the victims?

2021.09.20 20:00 WhitePigment "Black Lives Matter 757 also tweeted it would hold a vigil tonight at 7:57 p.m. in Newport News." For the shooter or the victims?

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2021.09.20 20:00 Vurtne26 What the hell are you doing in my lawn ?!

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2021.09.20 20:00 CerebralGladiator More than 3 million new docs found in co-conspirator's basement by Trump tax fraud investigators: report

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2021.09.20 20:00 tuckerness WTB 986 Boxster Center Console Cup Holder

I was looking for a cupholder like this one listed here, but it is out of stock. Does anyone have one of these available for sale? https://www.suncoastparts.com/product/411989.html Thank you!
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2021.09.20 20:00 Puzzled-Painter3301 What was the most advanced math class you took?

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2021.09.20 20:00 Funny-Spare Is the 20 GB for $50 Plan a New Plan or a Promotion?

If I activated a line after this plan was introduced, would I have the option to change to a cheaper plan and go back to this plan anytime? Or this plan is just a promotion?
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2021.09.20 20:00 Dopash Any Perks infographics out there?

Anyone has a link to a guide or infographic (since those are all the rage right now) about crafting materials needed for specific perks?
Much appreciated.
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2021.09.20 20:00 shoveazy Awful return process

Ordered a K-Mini Plus and wasn't happy with it. Made the mistake of ordering directly from Keurig.com because I'd get a 15% discount.
Here's the process for returning what you order directly through the website:

  1. There's no way to just initiate a return through the website. You have to call or chat with a rep.
  2. It took about 40 minutes total (wait time + agent time) just to get a return authorization number and the address to ship it back to.
  3. Never was told what to actually do with this return authorization number. Am I supposed to put it on the box?
  4. There is no email confirmation sent after you get a return authorization number.
  5. You only get an email confirmation when the box actually gets processed at the return warehouse apparently.
  6. The rep didn't even tell me where I'm supposed to ship it back to until I asked. And it's not information that's on the website either.
So pretty much don't order through their website if you want an easy return process (in the U.S.). Just use Amazon.
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2021.09.20 20:00 Andruschko Thuja stirbt (schon wieder)

Hallo liebe Gemeinschaft,
meine Thuja, gepflanzt im Frühjahr, stirbt.
Schon wieder. Es ist nun der zweite Lebensbaum der (seit Herbst '20) an dieser Stelle vertrocknet ist.
Handelt es sich wohl um einen Pilz, Wassermangel (habe eigentlich schon gegossen und so trocken wars dieses Jahr ja nicht) oder doch um die böse Nachbarin, welche es unmöglich findet, Busch an Busch zu pflanzen?
Ich werde ihn demnächst ausgraben.
Sollte es sich um einen Pilz handeln, reicht es die Erde grob zu entfernen und frische hereinzugeben oder sollte ich vorsorglich die Chemiekeule auspacken?
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2021.09.20 20:00 chip7890 buff bartering

its only fair to keep up with the new buffed spots + hadum, simple fix, make t5s double their current value, don't even have to buff margoria. wouldn't be too op, wouldn't be too low like it is rn. thank you for your time
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2021.09.20 20:00 keenangraz Portal Rexaura: The Forgotten Portal Mod

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2021.09.20 20:00 KingMelG Merlygon (Dismal_Performer7556s Dewgong evolution) colored.

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2021.09.20 20:00 BearFuzanglong Experiences with Spirit Guides

Introduction While laying in bed one night, I talked with my spirit guide in a casual way as I had done before and everything was quite normal (aside from basically talking to myself if you don't believe in guides or mediumship).
At this time, 2018, I was pretty new to "speaking to my guides" as I had just formally met them in April of that year and this was June or so.
I entered a hypnagogic state which happens every night for me. It's usually random dreamlets, sometimes intense visuals, snippets like a gif file or still images. Often voices will say my name or say completely random things, sometimes very quietly, sometimes very loud. I have heard car horns or train whistles even.
So this night I was observing the state, not much else to do while waiting to fall asleep and talking to my guides. They helped me through egoic issues as well as helped me work through my depression at the time.
Then something remarkable happened. My first, who has been with me since I was five and who I consider a true guardian angel, showed herself to me as clearly as someone standing in front of me, but I was (my body) was laying down, eyes closed. So I was "seeing" her with what could be analogous to an astral body, still very much me, but a second fully functional body with its own sensory inputs, all five senses and more.
Here's where the more becomes important. The senses that are available in that state are not limited by material constraints, time does not work the same, information can be passed instantly and compressed profoundly.
This and other encounters over the last 3 years included:
Her Voice Imagine the most beautiful music you can. Add to that the best speech you've ever heard with perfect diction, cadence, intelligence and vocality. Add to that a melodic beauty in all ways. It was mesmerizing and enthralling. I would have done anything she asked just to hear it more. It was as they described a siren's song.
Her look Take the most beautiful supermodels you can find and they are like charcoal compared to a perfect cut diamond.
Her smell The most perfect perfume, reminiscent of the hair of a newborn, honeysuckle and Jasmine, sweet and full. A scent that no other perfume could even come close to. It would sell billions if it could be manufactured.
Her touch In my experience, I've felt their hands on me, their hair, their skin and one of my guides has kissed me three seperate times on the lips and it feels exactly like it should, perfect, soft, supple, and unforgettable.
Astral Sex Here's where the expected can go right off the rails. Not bragging, I've had girlfriends and lived with an SO, so I've had sex over a thousand times, but not like this.
Graphic Warning:
It was an encounter in hypnagogic/astral that was indeed an astral body with all five senses and lasted for about 55 minutes. It was foreplay, the act in multiple scenes and positions, and with multiple forms. It was an orgy of two, multiple orgasms for both of us, and completely unbeatable. My material body didn't make a mess either, it was effectively turned off and disassociated.
Beyond the veil they are breathtaking.
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2021.09.20 20:00 suddenlyy Madoff's Monster (with extra steps)

preface: not financial advice.. im a smooth brain.. i really do have autism(and proud of it !)..yadda.

so last night i had a train of thought that i honestly think solves the mystery - it reveals the predicament that our financial system is going to find itself in - or at least "peels back the onion" one more layer from our current understanding. for the msot part im just gonna copy and paste my comments here becuase people requested me to. i know its not that well organized, sorry about that - im not that great at communicating clearly and i dont really have the energy right now to try to fix it anyways. im sure youll get my general idea.
Also, im not claiming ive got all the specfics right, im sure ive got a few details wrong here and there - but i really do think the general idea that i describe below , at least to some degree, describes the predicament to come.

From pg 211:

This CEO and all the CMKM shareholders suffered from the same delusion - they thought naked short selling was their only problem. I could not make them understand that the system was going to cheat them with or without short sellers, naked or otherwise. When one broker can sell shares to your broker and simply fail to deliver at settlement, they do not have to bear the expense of short selling with stock borrowing for settlement or bear the cost of monitoring and reporting naked short sales. They simply do not deliver any shares on settlement date and the system lets them. In the meantime, your broker is not required to tell you that he took your money and did not get your shares. There will be no record of any short sale.
The above is from Dr. T's book. Read it carefully, digest it, and understand it before proceeding.
If we admit that she is correct, doesn't it mean that our system is one big ponzi/madoff scheme?
Our problem is not naked short selling - it is FTDs (This is Dr T message throughout her whole book - All NSS result in FTD, but not all FTD comes from a NSS). How is her description of perpetual (yes perpetual read the book!) FTDs ANY different from what madoff was doing?
Madoff took your money and sent you a statement showing you had "Shares" - but he never bought or sold any stock.
Isn't that what our brokers are doing? They are taking our money - and not using it to buy any stock. This ISNT an issue of naked short selling. Its an issue of no real stocks are being bought and sold. Money is being taken, and FTRs(Failure to Receive, IOU, phantom shares - whatever you want to call it. I prefer to call it THIN AIR) are being given. Its Madoffs Monster with extra steps.

So how is all this relevant to the post [im referring to u/criand post from last night here]? Because all the shareholders DRSing the stock of a company is like all madoffs investors demanding their money all at once. It exposes the fraudulent system. But it isnt ONLY gamestop - these people can sell FTRs (THIN AIR) to people for ANY stock and it doesnt even register as a short sale for god's sake. If thats true, then there is no pressure that comes from a huge price increase on a stock that you are short(as we have been thinking this whole time) - becuase you arent short!- you just have a bunch of IOU/FTR! the pressure comes only when everyone goes to madoff and demands their money( ie float gets DRSd). While we are at it, why not just sell 10s of thousands of FTRs of apple, amazon, microsoft, etc?? this fraud will never be exposed unless millions of shareholders decide the DRS the float of a particular company.
Think about it this way. Say we eventually DRS the GME float. Now say there still millions of shareholders with millions of GME shares in brokerage accounts(as we all expect to happen). You receive a statement from your broker showing you have XYZ shares of GME. Guess what - thats just words on a page and it can be proven, since the real shares are all accounted for. Your broker just Madoff'd you. He took your money, and did not use it to buy shares, but he DID send you a statement showing your "shares".
And we wonder why DTC made it illegal for companies to ask shareholders to DRS. Their ponzi would come crumbling.
not financial advice yadda
anyways just a few thoughts! its late so i hope i have made sense.

Ok, here comes my next train of thought when it really hit me..Sorry for the caps but i was exuberant

its the brokers that are going to be the first signs of trouble.
i just realized why brokers felt they had to delete shares for CMKM shareholders. ITS NOT BECUASE IT WAS GOING TO BE DELISTED - THAT DID NOT COME UNTIL LATER!! READ THE BOOK! CHAPTER 18!
Lets take fidelity as an example.
I am fidelity and I have 5 million GME certificates
I then have shareholders who want to DRS 20 million shares to cmputershare. I cant DRS 20 million shares becuase i only have 5 million certificates
.. At some point, i am going to have to tell some customres that i was not able to DRS their shares. Or i am going to have to go to papa DTCC and ask for a bail out (ask for some certificates ) - eventaullly the dam will burst, and whoever is responsible for the IOUs is going to have to decide what to do.
THIS IS LITERALLY EQUIVILENT OF EVERYONE SHOWING UP AT BERNIES HOUSE AND DEMANDING OUR MONEY. By demanding that we DRS the float, brokers will have to admit all the phantom shares!!
close your eyes and imagine you are the wealthy elite that needs to decide how this will play out. im sure you can think of several options (ALL OF THEM BAD - BUT THEY STILL HAVE TO CHOOSE WHATEVER THEY BELIEVE TO BE THE LEAST BAD OPTION - FOR THEM!).
do we buy back all the ious (moass) - and maybe stash money oversees and flee the country (.. i think theyve been working on this since january probably)?
do we shut off trading?
do we delete shares??

Anotehr exmple : they can stall by saying there is technical difficulties in DRS the shares.. so they make us wait weeeks or months while they figure out what to do.. they can say they sent the reequest to computershare but not actually do it, then its a back and forth between us and computershare and the broker.. etc.. I DONT KNOW WHAT THEYLL DO, MY POINT IS THAT IM SURE THEY CAN COME UP WITH A LONG LIST OF POTENTIAL FUCKERY TO TRY
so i dont know what all they will end up trying but im sure they have or will think abotu it and choose whatever is the least shitty option (for them)

in cmkm instance, they must have felt that their best option was to delte shares becuase thats what happened. and it worked. no body talked about share deletion, becuase the media refused to air the story - and the few people that DID know about the story only ereally learned about the controversy of the company itself and not the OUTRAGE of the share deletion. The powers that be probably had a hand in getting people to talk about the distraction(controversy) and not the outrage(share deletion)
Sound familiar? With GME, the public is aware of the (FABRICATED) controversy (irresponsible ruthless wallstreetsub gamblers attacking short sellers) but not the (ACTUALLY REAL) outrage (ponzi scheme is real, crime fraud yadda)

think of how much they have to gain by having the system set up as a ponzi.
they can and probably have made billions by selling thin air (FTRs) across the entire stock market - and they will never have to face the consequences of doing so(again - these arent naked shorts that we are talking about. its literal thin air), unless one particular company managers to get a large % of their float DRSd

Ok, here comes my next train of thought.

why wouldnt they just rebuy enough IOUs(FTRs) to satisfy the demand for DRS?
right - so say that there are 50 million certificates (50 million float)
lets say there are 1 billion IOU(FTR, pahntom shares, THIN AIR, whatever)
lets say there are a total request from apes of to DRS 120million shares -
well.. if i was the wealthy elite, one option that i would consider in this hypothetical situation would be to rebuy 70 million IOUs. not the whole 1 billion that exist - only 70 million - becuase that would satisfy the predicament of having more DRS requests than certificates that exist.
Why is this possible that they dont have to rebuy all that exist? becuase these arent naked shorts that we are talkign about. therefore, the pressure isnt coming from "i am heavily short on gme and it has just jumped a significant amount in value! oh no ive been margin called! " --- the pressure comes from , we are at bernie madoffs door demanding our money. Well, if bernie has 50 million dollars, owes 1 billion dollars to investors, but only 120 million dolalrs worth of investors show up at my doorstep.. then idxble for a way to satisfy that 120 million(if possible), and why bother ponying up the full 1 billion?
to be clear, im just trying to .. close my eyes, and pretend im the wealthy elite responsible for this mess.. what is my best option to weasle out of it.
NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE IM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR. i just believe ive figured out the predicament these fuckers are in.


First of all let me say something because im sure there will be comments.
I AM NOT SAYING THAT I THINK THEY ARE GOING TO DELETE OUR SHARES. In my OPINION, They COULD(because they have before with cmkm!), IF they HONESTLY BELIEVED that was their best option. But think what would happen - the outrage, the riots, i mean just think how that would play out. If they honestly think thats their best option and actually did it, that just means all their other optoins were even more mega fucked - WHICH I DOUBT! any option they choose, they are mega fucked but there has to exist an option for them that would leave them "as least mega fucked as possible" and these people are smart enough to decide to do that - whatever they deem it to be. Im betting it will involve "delays"/"Technical difficulties" like i explained above. Remember RH halting buys.. remember krip the other day, (i understand a krip went sky high so they had "tech difficulties" and people couldnt sell? yeah , uh huh..
This isnt CMKM. Im sure they thought they could get away with it with CMKM, and they were right! Becuase no one ever heard about the share deletion becuase the media refused to run the story. The few people that did hear about CMKM only heard about the controversy surrounding the commpany - not the share deletion. I would CONJECTURE that at least PARTLY, this was a successful fud campaign to get people to talk about the CONTROVERSY and not the OUTRAGE. (I MADE A POST ABOUT THIS THE OTHER DAY THAT HAS A LITTLE MORE INFO ON THIS, PLEASE CHECK IT OUT ITS TITLED SOMETHING LIKE "CMKM AND GAMESTOP" - MY SOURCE IS CHAPTER 18)
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2021.09.20 20:00 DirtNo6791 Be Žodžiu

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2021.09.20 20:00 vryboring This weekly egg reward feels more like a punishment than a reward.

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2021.09.20 20:00 Princess_Lianhona Thank to this Tiktok Woman for her contribution to the recovery of Gabby Petito's body

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2021.09.20 20:00 BigMacDaddy73 Fossils or rocks? Recently found in the stream at Big Brook Park NJ. Still new to this but trying to help my kids learn while I do as well. Apparently can find ghost shrimp parts and sea turtle scutes here... some identification assistance: http://www.njfossils.net/cover.html THANKS!!!

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2021.09.20 20:00 ChudWatley My niece painted this for me. Maybe I'm playing too much.

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2021.09.20 20:00 SleepyDandy_ I’m trying to stock up for my bday in a couple weeks. Do I need more??

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2021.09.20 20:00 ImKiddingBruh Clucken is back.

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2021.09.20 20:00 Landoman02 Join the Teen Haven Discord Server!

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2021.09.20 20:00 Nothingtoseeherenext Day 240: Still waiting for a french ultra ater getting a second peugeot from the free packs

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2021.09.20 20:00 scotthog65 It’s good they landed safely

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2021.09.20 20:00 Dry-Register-3 FARM LIFE ALBUM

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