r/minecraftbuilds be like: Hi this is my first ever build! plese no haters!

2021.09.20 18:44 MineCraft-Eagle6634 r/minecraftbuilds be like: Hi this is my first ever build! plese no haters!

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2021.09.20 18:44 mae001 I'm aromantic but I'd still like to have a family.

I'd still like to have children and someone to come home to. Any ideas?
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2021.09.20 18:44 JS9901 my first mixtape is out

Hi all, hope you like it https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/idiothookeidiothooker
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2021.09.20 18:44 Chance_Promise3707 Birding in a forest, wrong place or wrong time?

I went to a forest around 2hrs before sunset, however the forest was very silent, you’d hear a bird but far away, the wind was quite strong but I figure that would only help because they’d hide in the forest. It just seemed like an extremely inactive forest, no insects, no animals, nothing whatsoever. Leaving the forest and near people there were many more birds, I even heard a woodpecker albeit that was far away. Was I at a wrong place or time?
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2021.09.20 18:44 FruiTY_LovecraFT Daughters-You Won’t Get What You Want

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2021.09.20 18:44 shrekowski8 Tips to do well in HL BIO

I am in Year 2 of Bio HL and REALLY struggling. Does anyone have any websites or any tips/other ideas that will make this whole year easier for me? My teacher really really really sucks and I learn absolutely nothing in her class.
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2021.09.20 18:44 DrummerRob Warriors Season Ticket Holder - Selling games I can't attend - 4 seats in Lower Club Section 113

Hey guys,
I have season tickets to the Warriors and always sell all the games I can't attend. I usually sell through StubHub or Craigslist but wanted to make a post here for anyone that might be interested. I'd much rather them go to Warriors fans rather than random people from StubHub.
They're Section 113, Row 12. I have four tickets for almost all games (sold two tickets for a few games already), both regular season and preseason.
I'm not trying to turn a profit or anything, so just selling based on what the best value is for similar tickets on StubHub. They generally are going for about what season ticket holders paid for them (lower after the StubHub fees). These seats are going to be roughly $310 per seat average (which is what I paid), but fluctuate depending on the opponent obviously. Just wanted to be transparent about that part so you guys know I'm not in here trying to make money on my tickets and know whether or not that's the kind of price you're looking for. They are definitely premium seats though!
If you have questions or are interested shoot me a DM! I can use the Reddit chat thing but prefer their old messaging system since Apollo app supports that and not Reddit chat.
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2021.09.20 18:44 Jackson_disusa Follow us We are college funded racing team from Kerela

Follow us We are college funded racing team from Kerela
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2021.09.20 18:44 powrecroom Rec Center Photo Booth

Rec Center Photo Booth Terrific food and songs of old, Tales passed down that must be told, Secrets to discover, so find the truth, All are located at the Rec Center photo booth! Have a rest on your adventures and make memories using the #recroom tag. [|=)]
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2021.09.20 18:44 CoolPattern3730 CARTA A ANTONIO de César Moro.

Te quiero con tu gran crueldad, porque apareces en medio de mi sueño y me levantas y como un dios, como un autentico dios, como el único y verdadero, con la injusticia de los dioses, todo negro dios nocturno, todo de obsidiana con tu cabeza de diamante, como un potro salvaje, con tus manos salvajes y tus pies de oro que sostienen tu cuerpo negro, me arrastras y me arrojas al mar de las torturas y de las suposiciones. Nada existe fuera de ti, sólo el silencio y el espacio. Pero tu eres el espacio y la noche, el aire y el agua que bebo, el silencioso veneno y el volcán en cuyo abismo caí hace tiempo, hace siglos, desde antes de nacer, para que de los cabellos me arrastres hasta mi muerte. Inútilmente me debato, inútilmente pregunto. Los dioses son mudos; como un muro que se aleja, así respondes a mis preguntas, a la sed quemante de mi vida. ¿Para qué resistir a tu poder? Para qué luchar con tu fuerza de rayo, contra tus brazos de torrente; si así ha de ser, si eres el punto, el polo que imanta mi vida. Tu historia es la historia del hombre. El gran drama en que mi existencia es el zarzal ardiendo, el objeto de tu venganza cósmica, de tu rencor de acero. Todo sexo y todo fuego, así eres. Todo hielo y todo sombra, así eres: hermoso demonio de la noche, tigre implacable de testículos de estrella, gran tigre negro de semen inagotable de nubes inundando el mundo. Guárdame junto a ti, cerca de tu ombligo en que principia el aire; cerca de tus axilas donde se acaba el aire. Cerca de tus pies y cerca de tu manos. Guárdame junto a ti. Seré tu sombra y el agua de tu sed, con ojos; en tu sueño seré aquel punto luminoso que se agranda y lo convierte todo en lumbre; en tu lecho al dormir oirás como un murmullo y un calor a tus pies se anudará e irá subiendo y lentamente se apoderará de tus miembros y un gran descanso tomará tu cuerpo y al extender tu mano sentirás un cuerpo extraño, helado: seré yo. Me llevas en tu sangre y en tu aliento, nada podrá borrarme. Es inútil tu fuerza para ahuyentarme, tu rabia es menos fuerte que mi amor; ya tú y yo unidos para siempre, a pesar tuyo, vamos juntos. En el placer que tomas lejos de mi hay un sollozo y tu nombre. Frente a tus ojos el fuego inextinguible.
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2021.09.20 18:44 kmrbar best project

A great opportunity to open a forum to exchange ideas and invest money for the growth of this project. It's a really perspective project! Team doing the best, success for sure #Bitgame #LUT #Bitgame_bounty #BTC #Crypto #Sports and u/BitgameGlobal.
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2021.09.20 18:44 NEET_Here Will teach modern C++ to learn React JS

I've been programming wit C++ for 5-6 years now, 3-4 of those professionally. I started in scientific computing and now working in autonomous robots. My work has varied from GPU programming on HPC, GUI development using Qt, implementing communication protocols, writing a concurrency library, and a lot more. I'm comfortable all the way up to C++ 20 (concepts and coroutines).
I've been becoming more interested in web apps instead of building something out in Qt lately. I'm building an inkscape like webapp for my wife using React JS and canvas. To do this I started by diving straight into React and learning JS at the same time. I read through a lot of this website: https://reactjs.org/docs/getting-started.html
I'm familiar with components, useState, useEffect, callbacks, and in general I'm very comfortable with asynchronous programing. I can probably program up a web app and get that up and running locally, but I don't know what I don't know. For example, I'd like to use type script and how to best use third party libraries and packages. I know there's something called React router that is useful.
I'm looking for someone with a decent amount of web development experience to work with me (maybe 1 hour a week?) and basically pair program with me to help develop the app. I work on it maybe...3-5 hours a week, so having that 1 hour of mentoring/monitoring would help me greatly.
Ultimately I'd like to put it online, and integrate it to my wife's Kajabi page.
On my end I can spend an equal amount of time doing the same in reverse, but with building something with C++. I'm open to building just about anything you can imagine. That doesn't mean I know everything, but I have confidence in my abilities that I can tackle any problem I face.
One thing I haven't touched, but I'd like to go into in the future is web assembly, so if you'd like to team up and learn that I can bring my C++ skills to the table to get that up and running.
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2021.09.20 18:44 illinoislover Liam is a g*y ass name

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2021.09.20 18:44 JBiggums Couch Hype

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2021.09.20 18:44 Fit_Medicine_8049 Kellergeschichten

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2021.09.20 18:44 Juqu 30778

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2021.09.20 18:44 laffnlemming Statesman Journal: Astoria man charged in death of Salem woman who disappeared in March

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2021.09.20 18:44 xhysics Ray ‘boogaloo’ Barretto

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2021.09.20 18:44 pandass_ Boundaries and how do I make it clear?

I have been dealing with some people who oversteps my boundaries. It hurts me a lot, because what they do takes a huge toll on me. I was called the equivalent of "stepsister" in my mother tongue (or Mei Mei) by a senior despite having no sort of relationship with him. I have a tutor too: while capable of teaching me, has an incredibly harsh tone that triggers me very badly due to childhood traumas I have.
I really have tried to be the most sensitive and understanding when these people act out. I distance myself from them or act cold, thinking maybe they will get the signal.
However, despite taking a lot of courage on my side to make things even clearer for them, it feels like my fault at the end of the day. I feel guilty to have even confronted them, let alone cut them off, yet I don't know how to stop feeling hurt about it. Consequently, I get myself embroiled in more pain and feelings of guilt. I felt like I did something wrong to them or I have acted in a way that justified their behaviour.
Dr K and community, how do I get out of this cycle?
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2021.09.20 18:44 Ok_Ranger9186 Whistleblower: Durham indictment shows connection between Clinton, DNC, top Google executive

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2021.09.20 18:44 JakeALakeALake Buying a used Jetta

As per the title, I'm looking at buying a used Jetta. The listing that I've found is for a 2010, Wolfsburg Ed. with 106K miles on it for $6K. I've gone through a few forum pages trying to see some consistent issues in the model, but haven't seen anything alarming. My dad has mentioned a few times that Volkswagens always have electrical issues and that it isn't worth it, but the only VW he's ever owned is a 1960 something Bug that got cut into a Baja type thing. I figure a place like this is better to ask than he is.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.20 18:44 Its_Pianobird Need help with Retroarch

I made an UI change on Retroarch then wanted to restart Retroarch but now it doesnt start anymore. Anyone know how to reset Retroarch ?
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2021.09.20 18:44 verizoncheck Slutty Latina gf for the black boys

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2021.09.20 18:44 caiyzik How many times can a partner misgender you?

TL;DR: How many times can someone misgender you (like an honest mistake) before it becomes too much? I know it varies from person to person, so I'm more ask for your opinions not advice.
Background info: I (24, transmasc) have been dating this cis guy (23) or a couple of months and hes misgendered me multiple times. Four total I believe? I use they/them and he/him pronouns and I have been on T since December. When he met me I was using my new name, wearing a binder, short hair, very masc, and honestly I passed a bit. Since then, I've played around with clothes (lingerie and what not), he's seen my tiddies etc.
My partner is also bisexual so sexuality isn't an issue, although he's only dated one person that happened to be a cis woman.
The first time was a slip up at a bar I believe, then at his home, then at his parents place, and finally last night when making a joke that had nothing to do with pronouns. They were all instances where I was referred to in third person and he just kinda slipped up.
In contrast, I have another friend. A mostly gay cis man (hes bi and heavily identifies with the gay community). There was a joke about me and other friends of ours being a surrogate for him. He looked confused when I made the joke and two minutes later he exclaims "OH MY GOD YOU'RE TRANS! I FORGOT". Like he just completely forgot that I had a vagina. I think he might be the only person that has gendered me correctly in that way. Like all of my friends try (and succeed) at using my correct pronouns, but now he's the only friend I have that where I'm confident he's not just doing it to make.me happy.
So with my current partner, and all of my friends really, there's this distrust. "Do they actually see me as who I am or do they just not want to hurt my feelings?" I know they all love me, but the thought still hurts. Note: I have had other genderqueer people screw up too, so its not just a cis person thing.
TL;DR: At the top of the post. This is a very ramble-y vent post, so thanks for reading if you did.
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2021.09.20 18:44 Drogopropulsion My illness

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