What's the time signature of this song?

2021.09.20 19:49 Pixel_Nuts What's the time signature of this song?

Song: Allen Dale - Rockin Around the Christmas Tree https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcuXzXt-JCo
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2021.09.20 19:49 Shady_P_1989 trading these! (cant trade the chick idk why it was there-)

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2021.09.20 19:49 HelloFuckYou1 can someone confirm this shit??? hahahahhaha

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2021.09.20 19:49 canadian-weed you cant make this stuff up - Google Search

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2021.09.20 19:49 Goga13th Have you noticed an uptick in people bailing from a game right before you’re about to win?

It’s happened three times in the last week. Just when the game is about to end, they decline and are gone.
What’s that about?
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2021.09.20 19:49 VendettaVF Your turn

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2021.09.20 19:49 Speed30777 New kanye ig post

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2021.09.20 19:49 TheTinyWings Some Undertale designs. :D ("Frisk", Papyrus, Sans, Undyne, & Grillby)

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2021.09.20 19:49 Snipard We’re conscientious objectors.

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2021.09.20 19:49 antianit i saw a meme last night

it was obama in a walmart with the text the antibiotics
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2021.09.20 19:49 mariamagss Video of my newcut (done sunday) subincision open urethra with hard on "penis"

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2021.09.20 19:49 dreamyjd Show original file names only?

I have music on plex, a clean version and an explicit version which have explicit in the title
example: "NAMEOFSONG - Explicit.mp3 (clean songs have no explicit in the title)
Plex does not mark explicit songs, is it possible to have plex show the original file names for my music only?
(also for remixes of songs plex does not see them as remixes but as the same song, this would solve that issue)
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2021.09.20 19:49 _dysthymia Mission Impossible

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2021.09.20 19:49 jellimaari Kevin Keller by Jason Bone. This is in honor of raising 55K(?) for the Kickstarter

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2021.09.20 19:49 periperidip Confused between a new and second-hand PS4 Slim. Need your help!

Confused between a new and second-hand PS4 Slim. Need your help! Hey all,
I have decided to get a PS4, and before anyone mentions it, I do not want the PS5, and I do not want to wait for anything for various reasons.
The thing is that I am getting a Rs. 15,500 PS4 Slim 500GB on OLX with the usual accessories and the box whose warranty seal has not been opened, meaning no one has gone inside the console. This console was used in a game parlour which got closed due to COVID. I am not aware of how much this console was used, but it seems in a good condition from the images posted online. No games are offered in this deal. There are other photos of the console as well, but I am only mentioning the primary three.

The used PS4 Slim 500GB

With the controller

The box

The manuals
The other alternative is getting a new PS4 Slim 1TB with the three games (Spiderman, Ratchet & Clank and Gran Turismo; I want to play all the three games; in fact, the games are generally swappable with another one if buying from a showroom) with a 1-year warranty. This will cost around Rs. 27,000-28,000, depending on where I purchase from.

My parents are urging me to buy a new console instead of a used one, but I wanted to know everybody's thoughts. I intend to use this console until a PS5 Slim comes out. I own a PSP since 2008 and have loved everything about it and the games too! Which is why I want to go with the Playstation.
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2021.09.20 19:49 Deikiell In what ways can cellphones interfere with instruments used at a dentist office, if any?

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2021.09.20 19:49 ShrillRut What uses can I get out of adding a tablet to my station?

I have an extra iPad laying around that doesn’t get used and I occasionally see people post their setups where they have a little tablet on their desk. I’m just curious what it’s actually used for in these cases? The only thing I can think of is to quickly change your a song on Spotify or something.
Any cool ideas of what I can use it for?
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2021.09.20 19:49 Earnayskrum VXR 650 ran great then next trip 2 seconds of spark [HELP]

So i was given a 1991 VXR650. The hood was broke off of it but they said it ran. I re-fiberglassed it and fresh gas and oil and it ran great. Took it out a few times and it started right up many times.
Then I go to take it out yesterday and it will fire then die. Today I go to load it and it runs fine, Started it a few times and did some turns and it seems normal, get it on the trailer then it won't start while still in the water. Fires and dies.
Bring it home check it out and it gets spark for a second or two then no spark. So any thoughts on this intermittent issue? I am very new to PWC's.

Thanks for any ideas
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2021.09.20 19:49 kombizz0 Stealth Fan

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2021.09.20 19:49 Tenschinzo Help kind experts of reddit, the foil leaked during my resin print anything I can do?

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2021.09.20 19:49 Lawless337 Dreamer

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2021.09.20 19:49 Fierce205 It’s the same thing

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2021.09.20 19:49 Jannol One way to incorporate Rome into GoW....

I guess it's possible that the Greek pantheon that Kratos killed would then be resurrected and rename themselves as the Roman Deities?
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2021.09.20 19:49 cryastar My piano cover of A Lifetime of Adventure, composed by Tuomas Holopainen :) Beautiful music!

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2021.09.20 19:49 15GOAT In 2024, I’m going to vote for _____

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