SSN card

2021.09.20 20:02 GagandeepKaur3322 SSN card

Hello guys, i received my EAD on september 2. But no Update for SSN. I called USICS and they said to contact social security department and SSN dept asked me to contact immigration. I donot know what to do in this situation. Have interview on sept 25 for green card.
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2021.09.20 20:02 hearthfos Thoma and Taroumaru dream team [@spinachsama]

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2021.09.20 20:02 Diamantino13 Soy español y quiero saber algo que me irrita todos los días

Vivo muy cerca de un cruce donde los semáforos están el 90% del tiempo en ámbar, cuando quiero crucar por los pasos, ni Dios para, y pasan a 60-70km/h, mi pregunta es, se les podría grabar a esos coches e ir luego más tarde a comisaría a denunciar? (Son 400€ de multa no cederle el paso a un peatón en un paso de cebra, y 800€ si se acelera para no dejar pasar)
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2021.09.20 20:02 chairbornebg ТАСС: Жозеп Борел заяви, че в хода на изборите в Русия е имало „сериозни нарушения“

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2021.09.20 20:02 browngirllover282 Milf 😍

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2021.09.20 20:02 freddybusbaun2 🥵

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2021.09.20 20:02 Maher99 My Realme 8 isn't recognizibg my sdCard. I have a kingston microSDHC 8GB. It works on other phones but won't work on my Realme 8 running latest version.

Any help?
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2021.09.20 20:02 Iwillnotallow libertarianism made me ancap.

yes libertarian is a gate way drug to anarcho capitalism, change my mind.
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2021.09.20 20:02 ZippyDippyZebra Best Restaurants in Canterbury.

Canterbury's large enough to have some hidden gems.
The purpose of this is to share discoveries with information.

Personally there a place called "Chuck and Blade" that I've really enjoyed. They have the best burgers I've tried in this country. All their meat is locally sourced and grass fed.
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2021.09.20 20:02 Maximum-Technician-4 I cant wait for the next The songs they play always hint at new stuff and the new snippets always fire. I feel one coming soon

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2021.09.20 20:02 Danimals847 What is the best guide or source of info for how all of the Legends mechanics work?

I started playing a week or so ago and I'm having a lot of fun. Completed all story and enjoying survival, both on silver. I don't know what cursed items are or how to get them. I don't know what perks & item modifiers are most useful or how they interact. I have not seen a legendary item yet - just RNG or do you have to do specific things? Etc. etc.
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2021.09.20 20:02 Whereismyaccountt What's the last emote that tilted you?

I read the conversation about whether or not to spam pings, for me its clear that you with good timing you can make a player on the other team next to useless having knowledge of this power i have to wonder what's the last emote that got you tilted? To know exactly how to employ this technique at its maximum potential.
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2021.09.20 20:02 keenangraz Portal Rexaura: The Forgotten Portal Mod

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2021.09.20 20:02 Dreadgazzebo rate my setup

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2021.09.20 20:02 Mendersen Signs of a dying GPU? Game froze and computer rebooted.

As the titles says, was playing a game and all of a sudden my game froze and a couple of seconds later green and pink-ish static (don't really know how to describe it) filled both my main and secondary monitor before my computer shut down and rebooted. Is there anything I can do or check to see what exactly caused this problem and is it a sign of a dying gpu? I have 5 days ago took my gpu out to clean the big dust particles that were hanging off the fans but nothing to in depth.
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2021.09.20 20:02 heinaga1989 SIONIX 💎 Low Marketcap 🚀 Buys: 6% BNB Rewards | Sells: 10% BNB Rewards💰 Fair Launched ✅ NFT's Marketplace Development ongoing ✅ Active Marketing ✅ Influencers Marketing ✅ CG and CMC Soon 🤝 Buy-Back & Burn Events 🔥

SIONIX is a Revolutionary and Sustainable bridge between Crypto and Charity.
A 13% transaction fee rewards holders and donates significant sums to charity every month. Earn BNB while holding SIONIX.

6% BNB Rewards for all Holders (EARN)
3% Charity (IMPACT & EMPOWER)
2% Marketing (CONNECT)
1% Buy-Back and Burn
1% Auto LP

Reward System
Holders will earn BNB through 6% Static Reflection
10% Rewards with Sells

Buy-Back and Burn
Strengthening the Liquidity to create a sustainable project

Auto LP
Creating a stable pricefloor

NFT Marketplace
Launching 10,000 NFT's soon. Each sold NFT's will contribute in Charity Donations.

🔥 Tokenomics 🔥
Total Supply: 100 Billion (100,000,000,000)

✅ Fair Launched

✅ Team Heavy Doxxed

✅ Nano Cap

✅ Liquidity locked

✅ Real Use Case / Utility

✅ Active Marketing Campaign

✅ Charity Partnerships ready

✅ Team of Influencers

🔥 Buy back and Burn Protocol

🏆 Rewards Holders with 6% of every transaction

🏆 NFT Marketplace, Games, Massive Donations, Community Giveaway and more..

💰 Earn Passive Income



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2021.09.20 20:02 omarade2 Has there been any update on the adhesive burn issue?

I recently tried using my Dexcom sensor for the first time in 3 months. After they switched to the cheaper adhesive solution, I had 2 very bad burns. I gave those a few months to heal and decided to try again with a tagederm patch but after 2 days I had to take it off due to another burn.
Wondering if there has been an update since these issues started springing up about a year ago.
I’m about finished with the company but m doctor is in Dexcoms pocket so I’m going to have to find a new endocrinologist to write me a prescription for a different sensor. It’s going to be a huge pain because it’s nearly impossible to get new endocrinologist appointments in my area but it’s really the only option left if progress on the adhesive isn’t being made.
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2021.09.20 20:02 Randomsquid32 Help with some things in GEM EDITOR

How do I get vehicles and ai to patrol and stick to paths along with making ai stay in position and not swarm
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2021.09.20 20:02 ProcessingPlzWait Dumb Photoshop That Made Me Laugh

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2021.09.20 20:02 KittyTwoPaws Desk extensions for speakers?

I'm not even sure this exists but are there mini shelves that can attach to a desk and perform as shelves for stereo speakers?
I have a very small desk that barely houses my setup and looking to put my stereo speakers on the side but there is no room. Is there some other product that I'm not thinking of that can house the speakers?
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2021.09.20 20:02 Randxm_Rae A DISCORD SERVER FOR HUNTING PBBV
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2021.09.20 20:02 rulesforrebels @binance: LATAM Special: Upsize Your Crypto Purchase Using Credit/Debit Card and Share $5,500 $BUSD Rewards ➡️

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2021.09.20 20:02 TheSilverHat Rance🤝Ich Iel

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2021.09.20 20:02 Hannahgracesea Can someone help me find some good omegaverse resources?

I’m working on a series of omegaverse stories and I’m trying to do thorough research before I fully form my universe.
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