Throwback to when Cobham's own Jamal Musiala was balling out playing for Chelsea

2021.09.20 18:26 jrrecauzat Throwback to when Cobham's own Jamal Musiala was balling out playing for Chelsea

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2021.09.20 18:26 AlertBeach Inviting players to explore open/complex areas using theatre of the mind?

What techniques do you use to get players to engage with open or complex areas? Do you just tell the players everything there is to interact with? If so, how do you hide things?

I've just begun running my first Elysium and I wish I had thought to do something like this:
I may put together such a map for the remainder of the Elysium in upcoming sesion(s), but I'm still looking for other methods as well.
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2021.09.20 18:26 nebblet Who would win: Master Chief or Exodia?

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2021.09.20 18:26 KhaleesiKissedByFire Apologies for slight absence!

Hello all of my lovelies! I just wanted to make a quick post, apologizing for my lack of presence in this sub for the last few months. In the beginning of summer, my health took a bit of a turn and I was unable to keep up with day to day routines.. including my career and being as present as I usually am in here 😭
I am finally feeling a LOT better, and things will be going back to normal mod-wise here as I am now fully able to be back here every day. I hope you all understand, and hope you didn’t think I abandoned you! Looking forward to interacting with all of you again :)
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2021.09.20 18:26 Kodzack Hey, I think I made a cool skin
I started off from YUGEN FINAL, the first skin I ever used after looking for a "simple and easy to read skin" to start playing osu.
During months of playing I ended up slowly changing pretty much everything in-game that I found distracting and counterproductive to the gameplay, from sprites to sounds (while the menu-ing is still identical to YUGEN FINAL, I don't think I can improve on that).
The objective was to make an easy-to-read minimalistic skin that would make it easier for beginners to start their journey, and I'm glad to say the final product feels great.
It's the first skin I make, so let me know how it feels in your hands and any criticism (especially if you're newer to the game, since that's the target of my skin).
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2021.09.20 18:26 rambotita Alan and Viscount Loteshu's Death

hi! so I accidentally spoiled myself on the Remarried Empress wiki and I read that Alan and Viscount Loteshu died. Why did they die? can someone please spoil me? I know how that Rashta died after the paternity test but I want to know how Alan died, and did he truly deserve to die? Thanks!
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2021.09.20 18:26 MxReNx What do you think about Graham Oppy?

I think he is very overrated. I'm getting into his works and it isn't that impressive. Maybe I'm missing something?
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2021.09.20 18:26 hapsbro Removed from /r/MadeMeCry: "We know the balloons don’t go to heaven.The balloons drifting gently upward to the sky was a meaningful way to signify the thoughts, memories, and prayers we had for our brother.It gave us a sense of letting go…" [−51]

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2021.09.20 18:26 tylerphoenixmustdie Dysphoria? K I’ll tell you what that is

Okay. I’m straight, not trans lol. I wanted to tell everyone about what all the trannys do. So yeah a man wakes up one day then he’s like ‘hey I feel like hating my body’ and then he pretend to be a woman and goes into the women’s bathroom to be a pedo and then chops his duck off. So he hates himself and then makes everyone else hate him. That’s dysphoria and I’m definitely not mansplaing dysphoria to you lol I’m straight I wouldn’t know
Uj/ writing that made me want to rip off my skin
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2021.09.20 18:26 JoeyBatters Recommend me some good size/style/color crank baits for smallies in a 4-10 ft deep river?

Do I want balsa or plastic? What are the best colors and how deep? Thanks!
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2021.09.20 18:26 littlekalle [PS4]W:be25 gatling gun.H:say what you need

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2021.09.20 18:26 VirupakshAgrawal Requesting r/georgefloydmemes5. It has no mods

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2021.09.20 18:26 Zelbinian Confessions of (Another) Recovering Engineer

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2021.09.20 18:26 CrashingDreams Passing Defensive Drivers

How do you go about overtaking defensive drivers? Lately I have been having problems with defensive drivers, lap after lap I am stuck behind them killing lap times to point others behind catch up. Which I let pass hoping they make an opening. I try to get a good exit, however most times I am off the throttle to long to avoid ramming them. I don't want to be a poor sport and punt them out the way, however defending every corner isn't really good sportsmanship either. Really my only options atm is to wait for them to crash or someone else to do the dirty. I always let cars pass, nothing worse than having someone right behind and overtaking is the fun bit in racing. It is just so frustrating.
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2021.09.20 18:26 maininshadow Is there a convention for that?

I have a square matrix in which each row (i) represents a person from a list and each column (j) represents a persons from the same list in the same order. Each element Eij represents the number of times person (i) meets person (j).
Since Eij == Eji, I only need to evaluate i < j or i > j for computations. Is there a convention in Python programming for using lower triangular matrices or upper triangular matrices?
Google didn't help.
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Here is my discord server:
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2021.09.20 18:26 niuz-bot Bărbat din Constanţa, reţinut sub acuzaţia că a ucis-o pe sora iubitei sale cu peste 40 de lovituri de cuţit - [Regionale]

Citeste in continuare:
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2021.09.20 18:26 Busy_Mama_of4 Got my toddler to stop undressing

He started to take off his shirt, I asked "Is Mommy naked?" He looked at me & pulled his shirt back down.
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2021.09.20 18:26 MiaEvan how does my friend's avatar look so good in lime green!! mine and her user (zepeto): @miaevans99, @miaevans992

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2021.09.20 18:26 justiceb3aver Is Sean officially replacing Riley?

Apologies if I'm a bit behind on this. I know Nick previously posted an ad for TPW producer and a lot of people were asking if Riley was getting fired. Nick said "Riley is talent." Just listened to the Ari Shaffir pod and he was saying he was in Nashville now with Sean. Thanks guys 😂
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2021.09.20 18:26 parlejibiscoot Indian TT players make merry at WTT Youth Contender Meet in Tunisia

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2021.09.20 18:26 BlueTheSlugcat Deltarune Theory about Kris and the soul (Spoilers alert of chapter 2 duh)

Litlle pd: I speack spanish so I am using google traductor, so sorry if this is a pain to read
After playing Deltarune Chapter 1 and 2 severaltimes and think, I already have an idea of ​​what happens with Kris and all his edgy ending in in both chapters. All have in comon is Kris having seizures, ripping out the soul, and doing things out of our control.
So first why don't i call it ''the soul of kriss'' instead of just ''the soul''? Because for me suprise suprise, it isn't Kris soul that soul is us.
I think that souls is us and not Kirs is by 3 facts that i found:

  1. When he left the soul in the cage we can still movit, even if is not to mutch becouse of the space we can movit, and of course Kris move whit out us telling him.
  2. Noelle noticen our voice. this is a text exclusive to the genocide ending of Chapter 2, when she thinks all the adventure was a nightmere (not a dream like in the pasifist), she seas that in the combat there is a voice telling her what to do, a voice unlike Kris, a terrifying voice. But it dosn't end in combat the choises that we made, when we talk whit the characteres and we need to make a choise the soul apears, the representation of ourselves appears to make our desicion.
  3. The intro
For the thirdone I need to be more spesific but at the same time it start a more lore theroy. In the intro when we made our vassel and gets discarted it says that we can't choose who we are in this world, it my be because 2 things. 1 Kris dosn't have a soul by itself, that or his souls is weak enough for us to controlit, or 2 because Kris as the power of light. I say it's the power of light because when the Queen captures somone whit determination for opening the the fountain uses Noelle and not Kris, that int a chekpoint that i don't remember were it reads the frase ''you feel filled with a strange power'' (or something like that I don't remeber that good).
The most intresting part is how we get in Kris, or how we become his soul? Returning to the part of the vessel, the background is the same as the portal, this made me think that maybe what ever talks to you in the start of the game is puting you in the same portal as we see, that portal takes us to the ''real'' world at least to the world where the school, family, and not spamintong or an annoying dog.
What I man is something or somebody but us in the same portal we use to go to the normal world, and we take over Kris body, and Kris life. And of course Kris isn't happy about that, just taking desicions that he probably dosn't like. So he just try to get us out of his body, but we are stil his soul now, so even if he dosn't whant he need us and that's why he ust don't take and break our soul to have control again. So he makes a plan to get rid of us. Plan 1 is that one we se on the ending, he opens some kind of portal? gas? I don't now what it is, but is not a fount of darkness because wille the dark fount are more liquid that thing is more gas. And the Plan 2 will be hurting the other caracters, or at least tormenting us whit the idea that he will make something to somone when he get rid of us.
This is one of my first theories, so if you made it that far, really thanks for reading <3
The Cage (Didn't find a image whit the heart that moved sorry)
Y O U telling Noelle what to DO
a voice that ISN'T Kirs
The intro back
the background of the final portal
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2021.09.20 18:26 JustStarting42 46 [M4F] Columbus ohio

Married man in a dead bedroom looking in central Ohio for a BBW for a long term relationship. Can not leave the marriage at this time but there is no connection there for years and I miss being wanted and with showing a beautiful woman how much I want them too. I work a lot so in person meetings would be sporadic but it’s the friendships and the random notes and the smile when you see you have a message from someone special that I miss most of all. I am a geek who spends a lot of my time off gaming or reading fantasy novels but I love to explore outdoors as well when the Ohio weather will allow. Why not stop and say hi if this sounds appealing, even if nothing romantic develops you can never have too many friends.
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2021.09.20 18:26 FBAThrow How To Win At Life & Business

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2021.09.20 18:26 wellthissucksright Bokstornooi brengt 200 toeschouwers op de been

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