Startup Idea Validation

2021.10.19 17:57 Eaglenger Startup Idea Validation

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2021.10.19 17:57 eminedgdfgfd Critical Solutions is launching video series “From the Board Room” to keep the public and shareholders updated on corporate developments (OTC‌ ‌PINK:‌ ‌CSLI)‌

Critical Solutions is a holding company that acquires and invests in emerging companies. They are the parent company of Rodedawg International Industries (OTC Pink: RWGI) and Universal Systems (OTC Pink: UVSS).
Today the company announced the launch of a video series called “From the Board Room”, to provide shareholders with company updates and insights into the company strategy.
Mr.‌ Robert Munck, VP of Business Development:‌ ‌''We are excited to be sharing updates regarding the many acquisitions and business initiatives of the company... Given that our company has multiple initiatives in a wide variety of industries, we feel that the utilization of multimedia will demonstrate not only our capability with multimedia but will also expedite the understanding of who we are, what we do, and how the company makes money”.
The videos will be posted to youtube here:
This is not investing advice.
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2021.10.19 17:57 KoalaKingO4 JERICHO NEEDS YOUR HELP!

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2021.10.19 17:57 24-2 just an avg 16m from ama

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2021.10.19 17:57 Merithay Download a single .tex file from Overleaf?

Is there a way to download a single source file from Overleaf without downloading the whole project with all its .tex files?
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2021.10.19 17:57 Pmang6 [Request] 2008 civic coolant leak (not a cracked block)

I have a pretty significant coolant leak on my 08 civic ex. I understand that cracked blocks are a common source of issues on these cars, but i have ruled that out, as the block itself is always bone dry and there is no damage visible in the weak spots where the cracks are typically reported.
The leak appears to be from way up high in the cooling system. I believe it is either the upper rad hose or the radiator itself. There is coolant pooling in the crevices along the top of the rad, and dripping down into the fans. My question is this: should i take it to a shop and pay to have them pinpoint the leak, or should i just go ahead and swap the rad then go from there? Ive got a 300mi drive on thursday, so whatever im gonna do i need to do asap.
Thanks in advance for the advice.
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2021.10.19 17:57 hi_senpai M24 looking for a female friend who is into anime (or games) :)

I’m not gonna lie, I feel lonely these days. I just want to find someone with the same interests and hobbies as me who I can talk to everyday. We can even motivate each other to become better versions of ourselves and building a great friendship. It would be a bonus point if that person is feeling lonely too. And also, im introverted as heck. I don’t go outside if I don’t need to. I just go to work and go back home.
There are a lot of things I like. A few things I can think of right now are: anime, games, conspiracy theories, space, all kinds of religion, tv, music and a lot more things haha.
I don’t know what else to write here. If you want to be my friend feel free to send me a private message :))
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2021.10.19 17:57 WDWNTRedditChapekBot VIDEO: Using the Paid Individual Lightning Lane Access at Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, But We Skipped Two Pre-Shows

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2021.10.19 17:57 BebbleTheSchmebble the scientists are working on it guys

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2021.10.19 17:57 Joseph_zhu66 Win a free iPhone 13 and EarFun Audio products! EarFun 3rd Anniversary Giveaway!!! {WW} (10/31/2021)

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2021.10.19 17:57 JGRG0110 undergraduate research

My name is Jose Ramirez and I am conducting research for one of my undergraduate classes on psychotropic medication and religious beliefs. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated and its totally voluntary and anonymously. Thank You.
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2021.10.19 17:57 AxelTheAussie A ritual is being performed

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2021.10.19 17:57 Eaglenger Certification in Compensation Management & Administration

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2021.10.19 17:57 Treepocalypse How do you define your individual value?

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2021.10.19 17:57 PolarisC With poor data, deficient requirements and little oversight, massive public spending still hasn't solved the rural internet access problem - FROM JULY

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2021.10.19 17:57 00Sway Dynasty Stock Market Week 6 - RIP Kareem Edition

Welcome back to Dyansty Stock Market. RIP Kareem Hunt, hate to see my big buy of last week go down with injury. RB injuries have been very frequent this year, but it's still fairly clear who is a back worth owning and who is a fraud. Don't spend 2nd's on frauds.
Primer During the season, dynasty values fluxuate so rapidly that it can almost be seen as a stock market (hence the name of this post). The goal of this weekly post to help capitalize on reactionary plays to help you game the market with buy/sells. Buying and selling at the right time during the season can give you huge advantages that just aren't possible in the more stable offseason when values are pretty universal.
My sources for this are content on this subreddit, KTC, and DynastyNerds Trade Browser. Assume all talks are Superflex Leagues. If you play in a 1QB league, just add a slight discount to all draft picks. These are also my own biased opinion based on film scouting and watching a fuckton of football, so nothing here is fact.
Anyway, onto this week's players!
Weekly Buys Emmanuel Sanders
Cheap as fuck. Plays with Josh Allen. Knox missing time. Double digit points for 4 straight weeks. 6.5 Targets per game. Just go buy him if you're a contender.
Trade Targets
3rd round pick. Remember the motto - don't give up a 2nd for a fraud (34 years old). If you're the team selling aka you're a rebuilder, try to get a stash you like for him instead, could toss in a 3rd to get it done. Someone like Van Jefferson, Reagor, DPP, Tommy Tremble or Njoku (TEP leagues), but honestly, I'm probably just taking the 3rd if they say no.
Sam Darnold
Now THAT'S the Sammy D I know. After the first few weeks, the expectations for Sammy were wildly unrealistic. He might have weapons around him, but he's not just immediately going to fix accuracy issues and poor decision making. If you were sharp (clearly the panthers fans I know aren't), you knew that this situation was always going to be a 2022 play. Sammy D is essentially a 4th year rookie.
This bad week should drive Sammy D's price back down to earth, where it's affordable and very acquirable. I still trust Matt Rhule to eventually turn Sammy D into a solid QB2 for fantasy. The weapons aren't going away.
Trade Targets
Some recent Trades - Sammy D for Kirk Cousins+2nd. Sammy D for Kenny G.
Realistically, any starting QB with some future should fetch at least an early 2nd in SF. If I'm a rebuilder, I'm trying to buy for my 2022 2nd round pick. I'd throw in a 3rd or a deep prospect to get the deal done.
Javonte Williams
This is my stretch buy of the week. I love Javonte. He was my 1.01a with Najee this past year. He is very clearly a stud, and it is just a matter of time before he is a perpetual Dynasty RB1. One of the top backs in broken tackles (2nd in the league) and yards after contact per attempt (12th in the league). Highlight reel plays every week.
Depending on the owner, he might be unbuyable. However, the situation in which I'm trying to buy Javonte is as follows: I have an elite older RB. I'm not a 100% true contender where I should just hold that older elite RB - I'm talking Zeke, Henry, Kamara, Dalvin, Mixon, Jones, even CMC. I'm selling these backs for Javonte++. An overpay today for Javonte is an underpay tomorrow, so I'm not afraid to overpay.
Trade Targets
Any of the backs listed above for Javonte+1st or early 2nd or even 2 1sts. I'd trade CMC for Javonte + 2 1sts. I'd trade Dalvin, Kamara, Jones, or Zeke for Javonte+1st easily.
If I'm a rebuilder, I'm offering my early 2022 1st + a contending piece for him - probably won't get it done, but it's worth an offer. I'd personally even pay 2 2022 1sts for him if I had a few - Early and late 1st.
Overpay today isn't an overpay tomorrow. Javonte is the definition of a Moon Play.
Honorable Mentions:

  1. David Njoku - Talent > Situation and he's getting a new one next year. He flopped hard after his big fluke, but shows the talent is still there. TE Premium league target.
  2. Tommy Tremble - Idk I just like the guy. Anyone who gets developed by Rhule and Brady I want.
  3. AJ Brown - Maybe you play with fish who overreact to this stuff harder than twitter. Please don't sell AJ Brown. If you get a cheap offer, please buy AJ Brown.
Weekly Sells Jalen Hurts
Hurts is the definition of a fantasy QB. He has to be about the only QB in the league who consistently looks not great yet is top 12 at the position every week this year. As QB4, he's clearly a league winner at QB. So how could you possibly be selling the QB4?
1) Jalen Hurts is not an accomplished passer. 62.5% completion percentage - 26th in the league. He is winning with his legs, well not really winning Eagles are 2-4.
2) Eagles are projected to have 2 top 10 picks in the 2022 NFL draft. I think it's a given that the Eagles coaching under Sirianni have no idea what they are doing (see Miles Sanders, see lack of good RPO). The 2022 draft class is looking pretty suspect at QB - Corral or Howell are the only ones I could see getting draft capital. So maybe the Eagles hold Hurts, but they are not committed to him by any means.
If you're a serious contender, you should consider holding, but if not, I am getting out for a nice haul while value is at its peak.
Trade Targets
Jalen Hurts is currently valued around QB12. I'm aiming to flip Jalen for a better QB - someone like Stafford, Russ, or Fields. Some trades I've seen - Jalen for Russ straight up. Jalen and Rashod Bateman for Baker and Ridley.
My targets - Jalen for Stafford+ (I'd even do this straight). Jalen+1st for Burrow or Trevor (add a 2nd here). If you have QB depth or are deep rebuild, I'd see if you could get an elite underperforming WR like AJB or a pair of 1sts with one in 2023.
Darrel Williams
The people were panicked about Clyde already, and Darrel looking great is not the optimistic response owners needed. A deeper look though, shows the WFT is a sieve to the run, and it was fairly obvious Darrel would produce in this game.
Do I think Clyde is the answer for KC? No. Do I think Darrel will keep producing while Clyde is out? Yes. Do I think Clyde will command at least 50% of the snap share when he returns? Also Yes.
Trade Targets
You can get a 2nd or more. That's it. That's the reason to sell. You might even be able to give a 2nd + Darrel for a 1st! I see tons of deals for 2nds. Just offer every team in your league Darrel for 2023 2nd and someone will accept.
DO NOT buy Darrel Williams for a 2nd if you're not a serious serious contender. Just don't waste valuable assets on patching a mid team.
Damien Harris
Patriots backs are confusing. The stat sheet says Damien is a solid fantasy RB, but the game tells a different story. Rhamondre is stealing looks. Damien can't pass protect well. Pats have had negative game script in a number of games and are getting away from the heavy dose of Damien. He's becoming somewhat TD dependent, and there's 0 guarantee he's relevant past this year. With all the RB injuries, he could be sold high.
Trade Targets
In one of my leagues, someone gave AB and Damien for a 2022 1st. That's the art of the deal. You try to do Damien+2nd for a 1st. Just send it to every team in the league and see if one accepts. I wouldn't take a 2nd straight for him. So, if you can't get it done for a 1st, I'd try to see if you could add him as a throw in to upgrade at WR - something like Claypool/Diontae/Jeudy/Amari + Damien for Ridley/Terry/Godwin tier. Or target an underperforming rookie like Terrace Marshall or Elijah Moore.
Moon Plays - High Risk Holds A short section I'm adding this week. I like to play Dynasty by moving pieces with uncertainty for secure value like draft picks, but everyone loves to gamble a bit or we wouldn't be playing fantasy. This is a rapid fire High Risk hold plays (or Moon plays as I like to call them). You should be selling if you can get a good price, but if you hold, it might just be the fucking Moon.
Khalil Herbert - He looks so good 2 weeks now. DMont is coming back and it's his job, so this value might be fleeting. So is Damien. But, I've never been super high on DMont and Herbert really showed he can ball. If someone is offering real value, I'm selling, but like Herbert just might be that fucking guy.
Zach Ertz - This seems like a sell to me. Some people will pay serious price for newly hyped name value. I'm really tempted to have him as a sell for 2nd, but if he can just look good this week or next week, you could maybe swing a 1st for Ertz + 2nd. I'm holding as a Moon Play.
Henry Ruggs - No Gruden = Better usage? You be the judge. Value can be recouped, but man does he look scary on those deep crosses.
Thanks for reading this week. Hope your RBs don't get hurt and you don't play in leagues where people only try to make selfish trades. Add in the comments other players you're buying or selling due to their changes in market price. See you next week!
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2021.10.19 17:57 Joebot_21 What will your 200 keys open? Come in and find out with our 🎉Daily giveaway’s🎉, One’s going on right now!

This will be the easiest 🎉Giveaway🎉 EVER!! All you have to do is Upvote this post and join our discord JOIN HERE then go to our Giveaway channel hit the ✅ and start talking in general chat! What you want me chance’s? Fine you win invite someone and when they start chatting YOU get extra tickets in our 🎉Giveaway🎉! How easy is this giveaway? Ok stop reading and let’s go
Join here:
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2021.10.19 17:57 fransisco_flores Happy Tuesday

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2021.10.19 17:57 Keygen-informatica Lamorgese sugli scontri di Roma: "L'agente in borghese? Verificava la forza ondulatoria sul blindato", alla Camera scoppia la bagarre

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2021.10.19 17:57 Eaglenger Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Bayesian Learning

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2021.10.19 17:57 Chelsealee6969 Thoughts? F30

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2021.10.19 17:57 Top_Hat_Matt ASUS support is absolute trash. My $50 ASUS motherboard fried my EVGA 1080 SC and ASUS has been giving me the run around for 2 months. Can anyone give me advice on what I should do?

This is the first time I’ve had a component fail like this so I’m not really sure what to do here. If anyone can give me help or advice I’d really appreciate it.
PC build:

All parts were bought 5/2020 except the 1080 which was a carry over from an older build.
So here’s the timeline:
I boot my PC, launch Monster Hunter World, about 5 minutes into the game my PC turns off completely. Check power strip, its still on. Attempt to power PC back on, you hear the relay from the switch click, no power, no fans, nothing. Flip PSU switch on and off, try again, nothing. Remove GPU, no change. Remove 1 stick of RAM, no change. Remove both RAM, no change. Assume its a PSU failure, order a replacement on Amazon. Next day install new PSU with no RAM and no GPU, power on, fans spin up. HDMI is plugged into mobo and monitor, no video output. Figure its my monitor since I always have issues when not using DP. Assuming the PSU solved the issue, I reinstall the GPU and RAM, reassemble everything, go to turn it on, nothing at first. Hit the power button again, suddenly sparks and smoke are coming out of the PCI-e slot, immediately pull the power cable from the PSU.
Called ASUS and setup a RMA, which they processed as Safety Hazard. I explained to ASUS what happened to my 1080 as a result of this board failure. They asked me to provide pictures of the unit. I send the motherboard in, and get a replacement board with the replacement noted as due to board component failure and smoke. I very gradually and slowly reassembled and test the whole build, everything works again, minus the 1080 of course.
Over the course of the past month and a half emails have basically gone like this: What about the 1080? “Send us pictures and the proof of purchase” OK, sent “We got them, this is escalated to T4 expect a follow up call in 24-48 hours” Nothing. Follow up again “It’s been escalated, expect a call back” Get a call, its T2 letting me know my case was escalated to T4. I already know this but ok. Email again to follow up, rinse repeat the same song and dance MULTIPLE times.
10/13/2021 Get another person via email asking for pics and proof of purchase, send them in A THIRD TIME.
10/17/2021 Get a reply “we don’t service non ASUS product”
Like.. NO FUCKING SHIT. Like I didn’t know that going into this? I’m frustrated and express that to support via email. I get a reply that they are still looking into the matter and to expect a call back in 24-48 hours.
10/19/2021 I get a call today, its from T2 support asking if the new motherboard works. Let them know that yes it does and that we’re already well past this. Let them know that there is an email chain going on about the 1080. Explain that I’m supposed to be getting a follow up from T4 about this. He lets me know that T4 doesn’t actually call people.
What do I do here? I’ve been getting led on and run round and round for almost 2 months. I mean this is some real bullshit just dealing with this shitty support. And every time is a different person contacting me that has no idea what’s going on with the case. I mean this is some real bullshit that a $50 component can just utterly fuck me out of hundreds of dollars. I mean I’m know ya’ll have seen the GPU prices right now. 1080s are still selling close to original MSRP right now and its fucking nuts.
I don’t know what to do guys and I’m just so frustrated at the whole situation. Any help or advice would be extremely appreciated.
TL;DR: $50 ASUS ASRock B450 purchased 5/2020 sparks and smokes on PCI-e slot causing EVGA GTX 1080 SC to burn and pop board components. ASUS asks for pictures and Proof of Purchase of the product, gives me the run around for a month and a half, then tells me they don’t service non ASUS products, then continues to give me the run around.
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2021.10.19 17:57 GreyGranite27 Purposely packing on 100 pounds in a year (for a fetish nonetheless) is probably one of the most awful things you could to yourself

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2021.10.19 17:57 MatoranArmory [WDYWT] finally can wear this kinda stuff

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2021.10.19 17:57 jdosman [WTS] Gold seiko 5 snxl72 with extras

Selling my gold seiko 5 snxl72, worn once and now just sitting in my box.
37mm case, 19mm lugs, 7s26 movement.
Comes with original bracelet and 2 solid bracelets, one oyster style and one jubilee and all hardware for each and tools for adjustment.
Looking for 100 plus shipping.
Photos and time stamp linked below
Thank you
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