Halloween Kills Thoughts

2021.10.19 17:32 Shadow5588 Halloween Kills Thoughts

After reading through a lot of this sub it seems like I'm in the minority that didn't like this movie. Someone already brought up the morgue setup in this sub and how ridiculous that was, but it felt like I was watching a Halloween movie that was taking itself WAYYY too seriously. They couldn't decide if they wanted this to be a fun gory kill fest or a dramatic Shakespearean play. The weird hybrid tone that they decided to go with made the movie drag for me, and didn't allow for any suspense to build at all. Which is what makes the Original Halloween and Halloween II so great! It really threw me off in the theater, and was the only time I have been watching a Halloween movie and actively wanted it to end.
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2021.10.19 17:32 madzneedzaride Help!

Hi I’m Madeline, 16 y/f I got kicked out a week ago and I ran out of money, don’t have a job nor a car I need a ride to Kyle to stay w/ a friend if anyone could help I would be so grateful…. thank you..
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2021.10.19 17:32 grtony045 Binance Pay in partnership with Uquid. Binance users can get 10% cashback for purchases at uquid digital shop using binance pay

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2021.10.19 17:32 sam123cher Abstract Art, Me, pen and paper, 2021.

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2021.10.19 17:32 GenericPerson200 Rule(s)

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2021.10.19 17:32 BreadBaekkie [OC] Sidon! By me :3

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2021.10.19 17:32 GalacticDogeV2 Ain't no way boy

This report has got me fucked up. I'm so angry. How is any of this allowed? The buy button was legitimately turned off and no one has been thrown in jail. SI% was over 100% (what we've known for months now), and all we've gotten for it was some horribly written-up summary of events that comes with no solutions and benefits for us who have gotten fucked by this insanely corrupt market. You know, I was hoping for Gary to actually do fucking something, instead, he brings a four-week late dogshit summary that he thinks appeals to us because it confirms our biases. My question is, what comes now? We haven't been guaranteed that it won't happen again, so how do we fix a market so broken that actually benefits retail investors in general. I've been holding my fucking bag for 10 months and I am not getting tired, I am getting angrier by the fucking second. We are talking about the biggest MM having the power to, realistically, shut down buying, and trade on the one side completely. This is the farthest thing from a free market. I can't believe this dumbass report.
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2021.10.19 17:32 real_MrMagier I made some Sqeak Skins (2nd one is a updated version from another post of mine)

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2021.10.19 17:32 No_Inflation_28 [Amazon] Spring Chef Magnetic Measuring Spoons Set, Dual Sided, Stainless Steel, Fits in Spice Jars, Black, Set of 8, For:$13.97 After $11 (44% OFF)

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2021.10.19 17:32 Yourfriendtokyo f4f? I'll lurk when I can on your channel

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2021.10.19 17:32 CringeCrossposterBot Post by u/CerebralGladiator in /r/TikTokCringe

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2021.10.19 17:32 Foreverfenixx Anxiety: With and without drugs

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2021.10.19 17:32 wi11iam-b You will always be stuck behind a Honda Jazz.

This always happens during that time your late for something.
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2021.10.19 17:32 makingthematrix Programming with Functions #9: Try, for-comprehensions, and monadic laws

This is a continuation of my previous video (https://youtu.be/KZCoBTRBRMs). There I talked about Option, Either, and how to use them instead of throwing exceptions, here it's about one Try, about for-comprehensions., and about monadic laws... which is really an overly pompous name for what they are.
I believe monads are a useful concepts but they tend to be explained from the Computer Science point of view and that means people get too much theory at once and get demotivated. I tried to start a bit differently. The simplest interesting monads are those three I mentioned above, and they are most often used instead of using `null` and instead of throwing exceptions. And, in case of `Try` to handle exceptions thrown at us. So I talk about how to do exactly that and then in the description you can find links to more materials.
Each video is accompanied with a blog entry which is an almost exact transcription of what I talk about. English is not my first language so I prefer to write a script first before I record audio, and when I have a script, it's easy to turn it into a blog post :) There are also English subtitles.
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2021.10.19 17:32 Awkward-Speech7375 [OC] FINAL SIMULATION in Basketball GM before the season starts(with Kyrie removed from the Nets' roster)

Credit as always to u/dumbmatter for making the game
I've done this before, but they update the rosters and ratings every few days. Now that it's opening night, what does Basketball GM predict for the upcoming 21/22 season?
With opening night today and Kyrie still unvaccinated, it's more realistic to not have him in the simulation.
Regular season:

  1. Nets(63-19)
  2. Sixers(61-21)
  3. Bucks(55-27)
  4. Bulls(54-28)
  5. Raptors(48-34)
  6. Celtics(47-35)
  7. Heat(46-36)
  8. Pacers(46-36)
  9. Hawks(34-48)
  10. Wizards(33-49)
Even without Kyrie, the Nets, led by MVP James Harden(30/5/9 on 63% TS) have the best record in the league, one win above the Lakers. Joel Embiid finally stays healthy and puts up 29/11/5 on 61% TS in 78 games, finishing as MVP runner up. Giannis shoots a career high 35% from three on 4 attempts per game. The Bulls exceed expectations as Lavine puts up 28/5/5 on 50/40/86 shooting. The Raptors have a balanced offense with 7 players in double figures.
Trae Young misses 24 games for the Hawks in the middle of the season, in which they manage to go an amazingly bad 2-22. This completely tanks their seeding.
  1. Lakers(62-20)
  2. Jazz(54-28)
  3. Suns(49-33)
  4. Warriors(48-34)
  5. Pelicans(46-36)
  6. Blazers(45-37)
  7. Clippers(44-38)
  8. Mavericks(42-40)
  9. Nuggets(41-41)
  10. Timberwolves(34-48)
The Lakers are led by the ageless LeBron James who puts up 25/8/6 on 61% TS. Westbrook also has a good year, putting up 15/7/11 on a respectable 55% TS. Steph Curry wins another scoring title with 30.7 PPG on 63% TS, helping the Warriors back to a comfortable playoff spot, as Klay Thompson returns to average 20 on 60.3% TS.
Paul George has a solid year for the Clippers, putting up 24/6/7 on 59% TS, good enough for 9th in MVP voting. They could be more dangerous than their seeding indicates, as Kawhi returns in the closing weeks of the season.
The Nuggets collapse in the second half, as Murray, who returns midseason in this game, actively hurts the team with his new lowered rating/potential in game, averaging 14 PPG on a horrible 48% TS. They were the 4 seed at the All Star break.
MVP voting was 1. Harden 2. Embiid 3. Durant 4. Giannis 5. Steph
Play in games:
The Heat collapse and miss the playoffs entirely, with the 7 seed going to the Pacers and the 8th seed going to the Wizards. Kyle Lowry shoots a combined 4-26 over the two games. Tyler Herro shoots 7-22 in the first game and 4-20 in the second.
The Mavericks lose to Kawhi once again, who puts up 38/8/4/3/3 on 13/25 shooting and 4/7 from three. However, they manage to knock off the Nuggets to grab the 8th seed, with Murray shooting 5-21.
First round:
(1) Lakers 4-1 (8) Mavericks
(7) Clippers 4-0 (2) Jazz
(6) Blazers 4-2 (3) Suns
(4) Warriors 4-1 (5) Pelicans
(1) Nets 4-0 (8) Wizards
(4) Bulls 4-2 (5) Raptors
(3) Bucks 4-2 (6) Celtics
(2) Sixers 4-2 (7) Pacers
The Clippers destroy the Jazz, with Kawhi averaging 35 PPG on 64% TS over the series. Paul George also averages a crazy 59/49/95 with 71.4% TS and 29.8 PPG over the series. Rudy Gobert posts a -3.1 BPM. Steph averages 34/5/5 on 64% TS to make quick work of the Pelicans. The Suns choke, as Chris Paul puts up a sub-50% TS over the series. The Lakers hold Luka to 21 PPG on 38% shooting over the series.
In the East, there are no surprises at all.
Second round:
(1) Lakers 4-0 (4) Warriors
(7) Clippers 4-2 (6) Blazers
(3) Bucks 4-2 (2) Sixers
(1) Nets 4-3 (4) Bulls
The Nets survive a HUGE scare against the Bulls, after losing games 4 and 5 to go down 3-2, with Harden(who won't be back until the middle of the ECF) injured in game 5. However, Kevin Durant puts up 47/8/8 on 17/27 shooting in game 6 and 35/8/6 with 4 blocks in game 7 in two 4 point wins. DeRozan does DeRozan things, shooting 3/20 in game 7.
The Warriors get destroyed, as Steph shoots 18% from three in the series. I'm sure the post game thread will be merciful.
Both Dame and Kawhi suffer season ending injuries in game 1. Paul George continues his great playoffs, now averaging 31/7/7 on 67% TS.
The Bucks-Sixers series basically goes as expected, not much to say there.
Conference Finals:
Bucks 4-2 Nets
Lakers 4-1 Clippers
James Harden, trying to play through his injury, aggravates it in the opening seconds of game 1 and is out for the series. The Bucks then go up 3-0, but then lose the next two and appear to be on the way to the biggest choke ever. Joe Harris goes to the line up 2 with 5 seconds left in game 6. Unbelievably, he manages to miss both. Giannis then goes up the court and hits a midrange and gets fouled, hits the free throw, and that's the end of the game. Kevin Durant, who had 46 points in this game, is probably about to get thrown in jail for attempted murder. For the playoffs, Joe had an unbelievable 45% TS and -5.5 BPM.
The Lakers Clippers series is kind of boring, as Paul George can't do it himself against the Lakers' Big 3.
Finals(Lakers vs. Bucks):
Game 1: Bucks 118, Lakers 107. The Bucks take it on the road, as Giannis drops 41/15/6 on 18/21 shooting. Middleton also adds 34. For the Lakers, LeBron James has a pretty poor game, going 7/18 with 5 turnovers and fouling out midway through the 4th.
Game 2: Lakers 110, Bucks 97. Giannis goes to the other end of the spectrum, going 2-14 and putting up 10/16/5. LeBron bounces back, putting up 35/5/10 on 13/24 shooting and 4/7 from three. Anthony Davis also puts up 30 and 12
Game 3: Lakers 103, Bucks 96. Giannis bounces back with 29/12/6, but Middleton shoots 3-12 and Lopez 4-15. LeBron puts up 32/2/11 on 12/21 shooting this time.
Game 4: Bucks 118, Lakers 102. Giannis evens the series up with an all time performance, putting up 46/14/8 on 15/19 shooting and 13/14 from the line, including 3/3 from three. Anthony Davis puts up 32/11 on 12/16 shooting, but LeBron goes full chuck mode, scoring 24 points on 10/32 shooting, 3/13 from three, and 1/2 from the line. Westbrook has a very Westbrook game, putting up 10/10/12 on 3/17 shooting.
Game 5: Bucks 109, Lakers 100. The Bucks are now one win away from repeating, as Giannis puts up 33/21/6 on 10/18 shooting. LeBron(6-21, 18/4/2 and 1/10 from three), AD(8/24 from the field, 1/6 from three, 25 points), and Westbrook(1/11 from the field, 3 points, 6 TOs) aren't doing their legacies any favors right now.
Game 6: Lakers 122, Bucks 107: With an 8 point lead early on and 3/3 shooting, Giannis picks up an injury and has to leave the game. From that point on, the Bucks had no chance. Middleton and Jrue combine for 10/38. AD(31/10/3) and LeBron(29/8/8) both put up efficient performances to lead the Lakers.
Game 7: Bucks 111, Lakers 109. Giannis, although still with an injury according to the game, has an all time great performance. He puts up 48/19/7 on 17/24 shooting, despite none of the Bucks players even scoring in double digits. He also gets the game winning 3 point play with 10 seconds left. LeBron tried his best, putting up 42/8/5 on 14/21 shooting. However, AD(4/15 from the field) and Westbrook(2-11, bricked a game winning three as time expired) didn't step out at all. Westbrook shot 29% from the field in the series with a 37% TS.
The Milwaukee Bucks repeat as NBA champions! Giannis is your Finals MVP, averaging 38/17/7 on 68% TS.
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2021.10.19 17:32 kronotic1 Help me identify this bone? Likely found on a beach near "Ouddorp" in the Netherlands (not 100% sure)

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2021.10.19 17:32 yo-yo-how-yo-goin-yo $UICIDE (Prod. Hellasmoke)

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2021.10.19 17:32 Beelzebubsadvorat Anyone else noticed Halloween decorations are going up early? I assumed it was the day or two before, I've seen several house in the past week with them up.

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2021.10.19 17:32 FcktheZ0o About the phrase “much less”…

My understand is that an example of the correct use of this phrase would be:
“I never thought that you would win, much less, set a world record in doing so.”
So, I’m confused when I see it used like this:
“Reducing the dosage resulted in much less side effects.”
Is the second example also considered correct?
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2021.10.19 17:32 Lieandpersonnality Do you know how to spot a liar ? - Recruiting men for a short online survey for a psychology research

We are looking for men to complete this short survey in which you will have to watch videos of people lying - or not - and to test your ability to recognize them. Please help me in my recruiting phase for this study !
To complete the questionnaire; https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wM-dvCmXNkT38vePzqiETRFo_R0wN_1YGixZldt1i-s/edit
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2021.10.19 17:32 veggie_catgirl How can I(19F) make a complain to my boyfriend(19M) without making him upset?

So, now we live together basically. I think this conflict it's because we were used to have a long distance relationship, we used to stay away from each other for 1 month and then spend like 1 or 2 together.
It seems like I can't make a complain without him being upset about it, he says it's the manner I talk. So I tried to be as gentle as possible and we still have conflicts.
There's this one time that we were going out, I was almost done getting ready and he decided to paint his nails (I didn't notice he was doing it). Ok, but normally I paint his nails because he's not very good at it yet, so it had a lot of mistakes that he asked me to fix. While I was fixing his nails I said I didn't expected us to go out too late, because I had to work the day after, and painting his nails took us some time. He got mad at me for saying this, because for him it didn't take too long and he wanted to surprise me by painting his own nails. He also got upset because that was the first thing that I noticed when I saw him, and I didn't make a compliment or anything. So, he said that he got mad because I complained about it multiple times, ok, no problem I'll not do it again.
Today he was napping in the bed and I noticed that he was using my earphones (they were next to him), but they were all tangled and the wires were very very twisted around thenselfs. When he woke up I showed the earphones to him and said "please, be careful with my earphones". And he said it was not his fault, that he just let the earphones next to him and that he doesn't know what happened to them. Them I said that the earphones were with him, so he should be more careful, even if this was an accident, so it doesn't happen again. He then said "oh everything is my fault".
Like, I'm really trying here. Doesn't matter how calm I say what's bothering me he always feels like it's a personal attack. What can I do to stop this?
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2021.10.19 17:32 horatiobloomfeld THE AIR CONDITIONER!!!!!!

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2021.10.19 17:32 Golden_armor14 Portrait

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2021.10.19 17:32 addictoftea Mass General - Please wait for...

Please wait for mass rejections until Friday.
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2021.10.19 17:32 gfogo Giratina raid on me add both codes first 10. 7306 0696 4614 and 8098 3021 1620

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