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Nicole Kidman, Javier Bardem As TV Couple – Deadline

2021.10.19 17:34 ZoolShop Nicole Kidman, Javier Bardem As TV Couple – Deadline

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2021.10.19 17:34 cbyl1 evil gaben be like * commits consumer friendly practices *

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2021.10.19 17:34 Spastikchildren The true pennywise?

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2021.10.19 17:34 vollei02 Jd box left at door

If I come home and my jd order has just been left at my door am I able to dna it or is it not possible to refund jd
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2021.10.19 17:34 trueworldnews Hybrid Cars in Malawi [/u/champagne_caviar]

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2021.10.19 17:34 cumanan2019 Melissa Satta New Trending Outfits On 18th October 2021 - My Actress Gallery

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2021.10.19 17:34 bertizfat Are your x-factor abilities tall or wide?

I’ve been wondering what others have been doing with their action points. I have been stacking 2-3 players as opposed to having all of them with lower costing abilities. What have you been doing?
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2021.10.19 17:34 RaspberryBeneficial7 I would like to know your opinion on this.

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2021.10.19 17:34 literallyspinach A different birthday this year (just moaning)

It's my birthday on Sunday and the SKs will be here as it is school holidays here in the UK. This is the first time they will have been round for my birthday and to be honest, I'm dreading it. The kids are OK and we get on well enough. Just wish they weren't really a part of my life but I love my SO too much for that, so I try and keep positive that within a few years they will be adults and I won't have these worries any more.
I'm going out on Saturday night with my friends and on the Sunday I have family coming over for food and drinks, so that will be nice. Not sure what I wanted to achieve with this post - just wanted to get it out I guess!
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2021.10.19 17:34 Jimithyashford A Game Being Delayed is Always a Good Thing

Every time you hear an announcement that a game is delayed, the response should always be a sigh of relief. Even though we live in the world of post launch updates pushing the development cycle well into the post launch lifespan of a game, a game taking the time it needs to launch in good shape is always a good thing. Frankly if there is a massive and complex and highly anticipated title, something like a Red Dead 2 or Horizon New West or whatever it's called, if a game like that gets a whole year delay, I count that as a good thing, and know the end product will be significantly better, not to mention more humanely produced, because of the delay.
It's a lot like hearing about a couple getting a divorce. It might be sad news, but it's never bad news. If it got to that point, then it needed to happen and it's good it did. Same with video game delays, you may feel momentarily disappointed, but if it got to the point of them publicly announcing a delay, then it needed to happen, its good it did, and everyone involved will be better off because of it.
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2021.10.19 17:34 trueworldnews Are there buses to Saranda on Sunday from Tirana? Gjirafa says yeah [/u/arrowindaneee]

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2021.10.19 17:34 ThickCapital My therapist said this is how I satisfy my need for validation from strangers on the internet.

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2021.10.19 17:34 redsocks1807 pc ps5 controller

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2021.10.19 17:34 -_-thatoneguy-_- 1 year of HF, tired and worn out of dealing with it

Hey Guys, came across this sub after discovering the term hard flaccid and it describing my issues better than other conditions. Age 36.
1 year ago I started to have the feeling of pee stuck in my urethra no matter how much I shook my penis. This transitioned into penis tip pain and sensitivity. This is when underwear, a towel, sheet, etc rubs against it. The pain is right at the urethra. My penis also seems to be more firm while flaccid and retract more than usual, this is when the pain is worst. Sometimes my penis is longer while flaccid but more firm than usual. I also get pain in the urethra during ejaculation and it usually burns when I urinate. Erections are not as good and can fade away fast.
Urologist was no help of course. Put me on two different bladder spasm meds which only caused painful bladder spasms.
I've been doing weekly pelvic floor physical therapy for 7 months. I saw the only pelvic pain specialist in our state, I’ve been doing suppositories nightly for two months which contain Diazepam/Baclofin/Lidocane, tried 100mg of gabapentin for a month but stop because of brain fog. While my symptoms have gotten slightly better, I'm still suffering pretty bad. Bad enough that I quit my job months ago due to the pain and discomfort. I'm so depressed and feel hopeless. I don't enjoy doing anything anymore. I cant even enjoy a nice walk without being in pain.
I had prostatitis 10 years ago, golf ball feeling in rectum and some of my current issues. No bacteria was found but I was treated with cipro and things eventually got better. Have had low flow and urine frequency since.
With me having prostatitis 10 years ago and now dealing with this now for a year now. Kind of feeling hopeless about the future and what it holds. Not sure what else I can try.
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2021.10.19 17:34 PostcodeWarrior Does anyone like to exercise like this?

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2021.10.19 17:34 whelmedntriggered Flying termite orgy -Nuptial flight of alates

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2021.10.19 17:34 HydraB2 Reverse Lead / art by me

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2021.10.19 17:34 cumanan2019 Angelina Jolie New Trending Outfits On 18th October 2021 - My Actress Gallery

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2021.10.19 17:34 Quiet_Possession States Spent At Least $90 Million on Vaccine Lotteries. Studies Show They Accomplished Nothing

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2021.10.19 17:34 narwhalk467 Girl I used to go out with

So there is this girl I went on two dates with and we both go to the same college. After the second date she said she just wanted to stay as friends and I said ok. It’s been like 2 months since we’ve talked , but she will still say hi to me when we pass by on campus. We also still follow each other on Instagram. The thing is that she has been posting on Instagram recently, and I noticed she has a really attractive friend always with her. How should I talk to her friend? I’m thinking I can just be friends with the girl I used to go out with and hang out with her for a little while before asking about her friend. Is this the right way to go?
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2021.10.19 17:34 Waffon Does the church have specific teaching on music?

I grew up Protestant and some denominations have very strict rules regarding music, but I've never heard music come up from a Catholic perspective.
Funny story, the metal band Powerwolf is actually what sparked my interest in Catholicism because they use a lot of religious imagery and references to Catholicism even though they aren't a "Christian" band by any stretch of the imagination. I've heard that some members were or are Catholic, but I don't know.
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2021.10.19 17:34 jCaT_Snake Intel Core i7 11700k yay or nay

Can someone explain to me (an average pc owner with limited knowledge) whether Intel Core i7 11700k is good or bad? I looked at the benchmarks and it looks like its a beast with very good stats, yet I found many videos bashing the CPU while rambling on for 20 minutes using tech words I don't understand. I want to upgrade my CPU. I currently have Ryzen 5 3600. I want to get a good CPU that will suffice when the RTX 40 lineup comes out and maybe even the 50 series, and most importantly a CPU that will suffice for those pain in the ass CPU intensive games like battlefield 2042.
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2021.10.19 17:34 PIX_CORES Halloween Theme with gimp

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2021.10.19 17:34 Hannyy101 How do I (19F) go about this?

So I’m African and there this tradition of sending money/gifts back home on a monthly or yearly basis, I’m sure this is apart of many other cultures too . My mother did this her entire life ever since she left the country to move here. It has been financially a big burden for her and relatives have never showed any appreciation or given anything back and even at times complained that it was not enough.( to be clear all my relatives are lower to higher middle class ) They make jokes about me doing the same once my career begins and there is a lot of truths in those jokes obviously. I don’t ever plan to send money to relatives just because it’s tradition even if I’m financially able to. I really don’t know how I will go about this without causing a scene/major drama.
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2021.10.19 17:34 GiveMeBubbleTea 27 M - NYC / NJ - LF Friends to Chat on Here or Discord

After having a lovely weekend and a nice start of a new week I stroll into work to find water pouring down from the ceiling tile outside my office room. So while they try to fix the problem why not make it better by talking to some of you fine, amazing folks. And if we clique, become friends, and invite each other to our future weddings, great.
A bit about me, I recently went to NYCC and spent way to much money on art, but at least I have something to pizazz my apartment. Took plenty of pictures, saw some great cosplays, and got to see the Expanse panel. Besides that I currently have high expectations for North America at Worlds 2021 and am sitting here waiting for NA run it down mid. Love gaming in general, but sadly don’t have as much free time anymore as I once used too!
Lastly, I’m a big fan of the NBA and have my popcorn ready to go for when Ben Simmons makes is season debut as a 76er. Because who doesn’t like good drama?
Anyways, there’s much more about me then a few sentences so feel free to message me and kill some time on here or Discord Preston#1760 ✌🏻
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