Yeah right

2021.10.19 16:25 Proof-Low-1053 Yeah right

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2021.10.19 16:25 redstapler2345 Leaving employer, where to open rrsp account to transfer to?

My fiancé got laid off and has about $25k in his rrsp with Sunlife. He doesn’t have a personal rrsp account opened anywhere yet. Wondering what some good options may be for him transfer the account to as I’m getting overwhelmed with internet research?
We have all our banking with TD. I have a td waterhouse account I use for my TFSA and hold my money in some eseries funds and other etfs, thinking of maybe setting up something similar for him, but since he is essentially a blank slate, not sure if we want to jump right into bed with TD to open his rrsp account or go with something new. He’d like to start to build a portfolio with index funds he can contribute regularly to.
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2021.10.19 16:25 Neonoone Hello guys,i have recently bought an account and after a couple of games on it it got locked,i contacted the Support Team and they asked for information and when i said that i bought they couldn't help and canceled the recovery process.I spent alot of money on it,Hopefully supercell sees this post.

Hello guys,i have recently bought an account and after a couple of games on it it got locked,i contacted the Support Team and they asked for information and when i said that i bought they couldn't help and canceled the recovery process.I spent alot of money on it,Hopefully supercell sees this post. submitted by Neonoone to Brawlstars [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 16:25 helluva-man Please review my channel and give feedbacks

Hello everyone! I play Rocket League competitively and usually live stream my tournaments, I also do Let’s play series of few other games where i stream and we have conversations in the chat box. I upload approximately 2 times a week, taking out time from my regular job. I’d really like y’all to check out my channel and give some insightful feedback on how to grow my channel which boasts a humble 570 views and 35 subscribers.
My channel:
Short video which might give you an idea of what my channel is about:
Would love to hear what yall think about it.
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2021.10.19 16:25 Zakzinzan123 End of an Era?

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2021.10.19 16:25 HeheheKawaii She black and gold this week babes!

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2021.10.19 16:25 First-Excuse-3974 Gym progress

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2021.10.19 16:25 CrowInRobes Shiny Team!

So I tend to be very indecisive XD I can never choose who I want on my team. When I received a shiny Flareon from a fellow redditor, my 2nd shiny from trades (1st is from event), I decided to make an all shiny team!
My pokes so far :]
Lugia Flareon Pumpkaboo
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2021.10.19 16:25 heccy-b Why is my Instagram Profile so important to (some) girls?

First off: I am not a photogenic guy and I am (unfortunately) also not someone who likes to take pictures of myself or model in front of a lens, that's just not me! I do not like to share every step of my day either, I am just not made for social media I guess, at least the part where I have to show off myself at least! But selling yourself is everything today, it seems...
That being said, that does not mean that I am looking horribly unattractive or that my pics are creepy: I have a few pictures of myself and a few that show some streets, architecture in my fav cities that I have traveled to. Oh, and I got 175 followers as of now..
..which is sadly to few for some girls to accept me as a human it seems!
I have used Bumble and Tinder to meet some girls and well, after some chitty chatta, I have exchanged IG with them. I don't know why that is but so far all "attractive" girls that I have exchanged IG's with had more than 1k followers on IG.
Now get this: we followed each other and a day or two later they ghost me. Everywhere. What'd I do wrong?
I know it: I do not have "enough" IG followers and my profile is not attractive enough for them. They wanna see me posing and modelling and all that bla bla...I'm just not that typa guy.
So yeah, this is how I found out that many girls are superficial and it's good I found it out that way and so fast. But why is it important to them how I sell myself online - even though I am attractive to them as the chat and IG exchange showed?
Are there still girls out there who do not care about IG profiles, followers, likes, appearance online and still value REAL LIFE character? And where the hell can I meet those? Where are they hiding? It's touugghhhh and I am so confused. Wish I would have been in my 20s before the internet hit
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2021.10.19 16:25 welogfood Nutricook smart pot Recipe/Mutton Curry/White Mutton Salan/Quick Recipes In instant Pot/Welog Food

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2021.10.19 16:25 Parsa_DVD وقتی میگن اینو به دست اریا برسونید ( شوخی من وت اپ میکنم )

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2021.10.19 16:25 Mean-Entrepreneur298 Do I have to stake on the exchange, or will the defi app work?

I'm trying to get a metal card. And I was wondering if the defi app staking works for the 180 day period it requires. TIA
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2021.10.19 16:25 Accomplished-Ad-2089 PYROWORLD RELAUNCH 🚀 ✅ PARTNERSHIP CONFIRMED: PYROWORLD x REFINABLE (see pinned messages for more info) ❗Second partnership with another project confirmed 🔸 BENEFITS: Staking your Pyro tokens! 🔸 Staked tokens create a higher price floor for the project. 🔸 Exposure to a large community 🔸 Exp

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2021.10.19 16:25 DrrwC94 My friends pup.

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2021.10.19 16:25 ChemicalOp The letter you may or may not receive.

The letter you may or may not receive.
Dear ****,
If you followed my instructions, which I’m sure you didn’t, you would have opened up the letter you wrote to me shortly after we started dating. I haven’t been able to get myself to throw it away, and I find myself reading it once a day and that's probably not healthy. So I decided, if I can’t throw it away, I’ll give it back to ya. And while I’m at it, I’m going to throw in one last hoorah, for old time sake. And hit ya with one more of those stupid long messages I’m known for. Truth is, this whole thing is nuts to me. Absolutely bonkers. Not that it should have happened, or shouldn’t have, but the overall situation itself. And I guess I’ve just been trying to find ways to be okay with it, and this letter is just the next item on that list. As far as a response, part of me wants one and part of me doesn't. As long as I can put these thoughts into words, and you can see them, that’s good enough for me. This letter is going out with the version of you I want to remember, and the version of you I am going to try to remember in the future. For some reason we aren’t on good terms, I don’t understand that and that’s okay. But there is some stuff that I absolutely need to say. And when you had your time, you wrote your long ass letter. So here’s mine now.
**** I don’t know what our relationship was to you. I really don’t. I have this mental picture of what it was, the way I saw it, the way I perceived it. And I try, I try so incredibly hard to believe it was what I thought it was, but that grows harder by the day, as does pretending like I’m okay with the whole thing going down this way. I want to believe it was love for you. I really want to believe that. But I’m not so sure these days. I’ve seen love. I’ve heard love. I've witnessed Love. And I loved harder and more than I ever imagined myself loving in a lifetime. And I know that’s true love, and I'll tell you why that’s true love Dales. Because when I bought you that promise ring, I knew, at that point, that you were the girl I wanted, forever. Amongst all other females on the planet. It was you. And from that point forward it would be you until the end. It didn’t matter. Regardless of the crazy shit you did. It was never enough for me to change my mind about spending the rest of my life you. Never a question. I would have dealt with the cold shoulders, the total lack of affection on your part, and the girlfriend who didn’t even want to sleep in the same bed. Cause I knew when I woke up, it was you, and when I laid down, it was you. It wasn't the materialistic things, the house, etc. It was you ****. It was always you. And that never died, from that promise ring, to the wedding wing, to now, that never died. That’s love.
And I will tell you **** what love isn’t. Love isn’t lying. Love isn't giving up. Love isn’t spreading rumors about your past significant other. Love isn't messing around with his friend. And love isn’t the situation we have now. Two times since we broke up I have looked into the deep depths of your eyes and believed every word you said, and you lied to me twice. And now I have no choice but to question the past. Did you abuse the trust in you that you knew I had knowing I wouldn’t think twice. Truth is I don’t know. I know you have somehow managed to suppress any positive memory we have had together, and turn it into moving on so fast, your weird early life crisis, and for some reason turning this peaceful breakup into a not so peaceful breakup. And I don’t get any of that, whatsoever. We were good once, ****. You remember that. We were good once. And next time you go to say anything bad about me I hope you think back to your nana’s basement, to my parents basement, to eating semi poisonous berries on the way to work and catching your first largemouth. I want you to think back to those days because that’s what I think back to when people ask me. That’s what I picture when I drive past the house. That’s what I picture when I look into ****'s eyes and see ****. (Dogs) Don’t think of me as this person you know deep down I’m not. You and I were beautiful, a true power couple, and that’s how you should remember us. I feel like we both deserve that at the bare minimum. Although I can’t get myself to thank you for dealing with me when you didn’t want to. I can thank you for before that when you did. It really was the best few years of my life.
In closing. I hope you find what you’re looking for in life ****. Like I told your dad, I am sorry I couldn’t be the guy you needed me to be, and I am sorry I couldn’t put you into the white dress. Although I do believe if you just let me in a little more, and I didn’t get lazy with the relationship, we really could have turned out great. And as delusional as it might sound, regardless of what you or anyone else says, I'll always truthfully believe that. You definitely weren’t easy ****. And I know I’m not supposed to stroke the ego of the girl who has given me every reason not to, but I will say. You definitely weren’t easy ****, but you were certainly worth it.
This is goodbye on my end. I realized it was goodbye for you a long time ago. But the truth is I never really gave up hope, still haven’t, and honestly probably never will. But now that I have gotten all my stuff out of the house, all we have left is the trip to the SOS for the Jetskis, and that’s it. And although I have proven to not be able to grasp the idea of just being two people with a past, the fact that all I have left of you is a constant sideshow In the back of my mind of us kissing at the bar on my birthday, of us in the pool at the hotel / casino, and us with our shotguns at the range, amongst others. I realize that’s where it’s at. I just wanted to say I love you, I miss you, and I hope everything works out for ya ****. See ya around.
Formerly your honey
Formerly your babe
Formerly your honey-bear
Formerly your hubs
Formerly yours.
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2021.10.19 16:25 yyzworker Community needs analysis for Indigenous population in Renfrew County

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2021.10.19 16:25 concreetshoe New to all of this. Any bio advice for a bi guy?

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2021.10.19 16:25 phover7bitch Best Music Videos?

I've been a huge fan since TES dropped. I remember being in elementary school at an after school camp and Without Me came on the radio. All the kids were like what is this??? and the counselors told us it was inappropriate and only played approved CDs after that. But like he says, "that's all it took, and they were instantly hooked right in" and we all went out and bribed our parents into buying the CD, and then everything else he had released. Anyways, been a big fan since then but I realized that the only music video I've ever seen is Superman.
I want to start watching them all. Where should I start? Which is your favorite?
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2021.10.19 16:25 Chad734 Purification par l'atome

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2021.10.19 16:25 stanchfi New custom pins!

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2021.10.19 16:25 rnunezs12 Rate my build: The "Anyway I started blasting" Artillerist

Ok, so this build is pretty straight forward: We are going to abuse the Hex spell to deal tons of single target damage.
Slight disclaimer: I made sure to check we are not using Hex in any way it's not meant to, but check with your DM first because they might have their own interpretation or just want to ban or nerf the spell after watching this build in action lol.
Let's talk about our race and stats: Since Hex is not on the Artificer's list and I don't feel like making a pact with anyone this time, we NEED the Fey Touched feat. Apart from that we just want to max INT as soon as possible, keep CON as high as we can and leave our dex in the medium armor maximum, wich is 14.
I don't like custom lineage, but I have to admit it's our best option here, if we are using point buy, we can start with Fey touched and an 18 INT (Really, what were they thinking with this race?). Variant Human comes in second place but also, anything with +2 to Int works here, as long as we take Fey touched at level 4. We'd deal less damage from 1 to 4, but that's ok because our explosive combo starts at level 5.
I'm taking Variant human this time (+1 CON, +1 INT), and since my concept is a magic gunslinger bounty hunter, I'll also be taking Observant at level 4. So our stats at level 5, assuming point buy, would look something like this: 8 STR, 14 DEX, 16 CON, 18 INT, 10 WIS and 8 CHA.
Now, before we talk about the numbers, let's check some other things: We have a d8 for hit dice and 16 CON, so we are not a meat wall but also in no way considered squishy either, especially because we get medium armor proficiency. By level 5 most adventurers can afford a half plate, so we are talking about 17 AC, 18 with the enhanced defense infusion and 20 with a shield, not bad for a purely ranged character. However I like the idea of holding the arcane firearm and the force ballista in both hands like dual pistols, so we'll leave it at a respectable 18.
Talking about infutions, our other two important picks will be enhanced arcane focus, for a +1 to our spell attacks (pretty good for our combo) and Mind sharpener, just to make sure we don't lose momentum during combat by failing a concentration check. The last infusion is not that important, we can enhance someone's weapon, replicate some minor magic items like a bag of holding or night vision googles (Stupid human eyes) or create a Homunculus (only for flavour, since we won't have any bonus action to spare during combat).
Ok, we've covered our race, stats, defenses and infusions. Now let's pick our guns. And by guns I mean spells, because this build doesn't use weapons at all.
Apart from Hex, we just want firebolt and scorching ray for that blasty revolver flavour. We also have access to shield and absorb elements, as well as Aid, so we are even harder to kill. Other highlights are web and invisibility. We also have access to some AoE spells and we can add that extra d8 from arcane firearm, but out specialty is blasting a single target into oblivion.
Finally it's time to talk about our combo: Unfortunately the eldritch cannon requires an action to get ready, so we are just going to do that on our first turn and cast hex as a bonus action. We are not scared of losing concentration before our second turn thanks to Mind Sharpener.
Second round, this is were the fun begins: We cast Scorching ray with our action and the use the force ballista with our bonus action. According to Hex's description, we deal an extra d6 whenever we hit the target with an attack, so Scorching ray benefits from this bonus damage on each ray, same with the force ballista, because it counts as a spell attack roll. This means we are dealing 3d6 instead of 2d6 with each ray, plus 1d8 extra with the first one because of the 5th level ability, as well as 2d8+1d6 with the Eldritch cannon.
By level 5, thanks to enhanced arcane focus we have a +8 to spell attacks, and we are making four of them. Assuming we hit all the attacks, and our target is not resistant to fire, necrotic or force damage, we'd be talking about a whopping 10d6+3d8 damage on the second round of combat.
Also once we've run out of scorching rays, we can still deal 2d10+1d8+1d6 with fire bolts every round, as well as keep blasting with the cannon.
Pros of this build:
- DAMAGE: We can nova the hell out of anything that's not fire resistant or inmmune (Elemental adept might be a good idea at level 8)
- Early game: This build comes online from level 5 and we can keep the damage relevant during Tier 3 by upcasting Scorching ray. Also the force ballista gets an upgrade later.
- Consistent damage: We are an artificer, not a wizard or sorcerer, wich means we don't have a lot of spell slots to waste, but that's ok because we can still make a lesser version of this combo with firebolt, as mentioned above, wich still hurts and is fairly relevant before level 5.
- We are CHONKY. For a purely ranged blaster, this build has a decent health pool and a pretty good AC.
- There's no need to multiclass, so no delay on our spellcasting progression.
Cons of this build:
- Tunnel vision: Starting at level 5 we can add a d8 to any damage spell, wich means our AoE spells like thunderwave or fireball will deal a bit more damage, but that's not what we specialize in. We blast anyone we get to cast hex on, anything else is secondary and we are kinda forced to ignore or perform suboptimally during combat.
- We are an artificer: We are not a wizard, again we don't have spell slots to spare, nor the versatility of the wizard's spell book and spell list, so this character can't replace a Wizard in a party. Casting any utility spell is very expensive for us.
Welp, if you are still here, thank you for reading this. Let me know what you think about this build and what would you make different. Also I apologize for any grammar mistakes, English is not my first language.
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2021.10.19 16:25 ShortAlgo $FGEN Waiting for Buy signal on FGEN

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2021.10.19 16:25 vanceshepperd Giratina on me 6331 7771 9895

Add me and i invite u asap FC:6331 7771 9895
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2021.10.19 16:25 I5RS Which aftermarket spoiler for G80 M3?

Looking for something a little more aggressive than the OEM one. What are you guys rocking?
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2021.10.19 16:25 chrisdelacruzin Chris Dela Cruz - Last Dance [lyric-centric psych-indie rock] (2021)
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