A footage shows Phoenix man being shot dead by cop when he answered the door with his hands up in the air.

2021.10.19 17:23 georgiaTibilisi A footage shows Phoenix man being shot dead by cop when he answered the door with his hands up in the air.

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2021.10.19 17:23 hardly_gold Thanks, I hate natural nails

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2021.10.19 17:23 breakmebeforeyou You're on my mind again.

It's late, and you have a big day at work tomorrow. I don't want to wake you.
I just wanted you to know that I can't stop thinking about you.
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2021.10.19 17:23 Alterception Dotted Lined Notebooks?

Dotted Lined Notebooks? Hi notebook people! Do any of you know of other brands that have dotted lined notebooks?

Paper looks like this
The only ones I can find are by Kokuyo notebooks.
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2021.10.19 17:23 ChamplooEvan Where does one publish a script?

Title. I’m sure the question gets asked a lot but it’s more in-depth than that. I wrote a script/screenplay for a series I wanted to do for a while and now I don’t know where to go from here. Do I need to have a publishing agency? Does it cost a lot/anything? It’s the first writing project I’ve ever completed and I want to know what to do with it.
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2021.10.19 17:23 vDeresh You know? On map "Tokyo" You can see your score in freeplay

You know? On map https://preview.redd.it/fyhkxg8ybfu71.png?width=1920&format=png&auto=webp&s=60db9cd8d7d7ce3628e6685b350f0562e0443649
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2021.10.19 17:23 chrispineda90 gas station pics >>

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2021.10.19 17:23 UltimaGabe Does anyone know of any comics where Superman or Cyclops used their heat vision/optic blast with one eye closed?

My dad just got laser cataract surgery on one of his eyes (the other will follow in a couple weeks) and I thought it would be funny to send him a picture of a superhero using their laser eye powers with only one eye. If anyone could direct me to such an image I would appreciate it. Please and thank you!
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2021.10.19 17:23 Roguemaster43 Waverly's Bucket List

So, I've been thinking: You think Waverly's ever gonna do her bucket list?

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2021.10.19 17:23 makka94 updated touring poster from community feedback (still WIP)

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2021.10.19 17:23 _DG____ [Conveyancing] [England] Help please - is the NHBC Ten Year Notice a replacement for the building regulations approval notice supplied by the local authority?

The buyers conveyancer says thay according to the search entry, building regulation approval has not been granted for the build. I have found the NHBC buildmark warranty and 10 year notice. My conveyancer doesn't really give good answers and hasn't confirmed if this will cover this point. This is the last sticking point in our sale. Can anyone tell me if the 10 year notice is the right thing to give?
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2021.10.19 17:23 zakkyb Upgraded to Windows 11 last night and now my speakers are playing music with noise/stuttering/static. Tried restarting/disconnecting/reinstalling drivers/updating but nothing is working

Everything was working fine with Windows 10
I have my PC hooked up to a focusrite scarlett 2i2 and then onto two JBL LSR305 speakers
After installing Windows 10 I note that playing any kind of music, whether its youtube or spotify the music doesn't come through clearly anymore, its like the connection is faulty.
I've tried doing all the things I can think of like drivers and checking connections to no avail.
I've plugged the focusrite into my laptop and it plays fine, so I'm pretty sure it's the desktop/OS rather than the speakers
It could be hardware related, but this has only just happened since installing Windows 11 so I feel like it's probably the culprit
Any tips?
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2021.10.19 17:23 MrPeguz Nuova base per memes?????

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2021.10.19 17:23 TheWoolyArtist Getting ready for Halloween the Dark Souls way

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2021.10.19 17:23 sageking14 Terrors of the Realms: What are the most bone-chilling monsters in the Realms?

From the rotting monstrosities of Shyish and the mist-shrouded denizens of Ulgu, to every predator that stalks the seas, lands, and skies of Ghur, monsters are ever on the prowl in the Mortal Realms.
But in your opinions what are the most terrifying among them? What creature in the Mortal Realms best epitomizes all things horrifying?
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2021.10.19 17:23 SkyFoogle Japanese Handheld Air Raid Siren

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2021.10.19 17:23 Substantial-Art5191 Your username is now your job what do you do?

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2021.10.19 17:23 Baking_Mama3O Devry - Borrowers Defense Loan Discharge

Has anyone had any luck under the Biden administration with getting their loans from Devry forgiven under the Borrowers Defense Program?
I attended 2010-2012 in my early 20s and a single mom. Devry is truly the epitome of predatory lending. Obviously if i can do it all over again I would’ve never gone anywhere near that school or student loans. I’ve continued to pursue my education and will be transferring to a state school soon and will be paying for it in cash. It would be nice to have a fresh start.
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2021.10.19 17:23 xwulfd KitKat Pops

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2021.10.19 17:23 spooninrobot9 Don't blame me for crappy spawn points

I joined a quickplay game, and it spawned me at the beginning of the level...while everyone else was at the end of the level near the safe room. Once I realized this I just killed myself. But alas I was bombarded with hate mail, and rape threats. It's not my fault it didn't spawn me with you.
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2021.10.19 17:23 subraj Katrina Kaif

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2021.10.19 17:23 Ezeir_ Question about Star Wars Imperial assault longevity and reprints.

Hi everyone I recently dove into IA and am loving it. My concern comes from the possibility of it being very hard to find the expansions in 1-2 years down the road when I would want to well.. expand the game. Should I dump the extra hundreds of dollars grabbing up (at least) the 6 main expansions? Or do you for see it being easy to grab them in a year or twos time? I know it's a question up for debate. I would just like input to ease my mind.
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2021.10.19 17:23 Great-Practice6423 Ps1 game with a golem dog

I don't remember the name
I just remember of play it on my ps1 when I was a child (about 5 or 6 years old)
I think it was a horror game or something, there was this kind of golem dog (little gray and brown)
male protagonist, and I remember some kind of office that's all I can remember.
Can you guys help me find the game? PS: I know it wasn't resident evil or silent hill.
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2021.10.19 17:23 KryptonianMovement Glad to see Vemp on the chart

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2021.10.19 17:23 CapitanRufus Mabel the Great Dane Hilariously Sucks on Peanut Butter Jar Like Giant Pacifier

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