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Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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7087 7198 9751
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2021.10.19 17:48 Colonel_Kipplar [WP] You believe you've done it. Huzzah! Your foolproof instructions have succeeded and the Starbucks cashier wrote your name correctly on the cup! You rush off to tell your friends the good news, and they seem sarcastically elated, but why are they all pronouncing your name wrong?

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2021.10.19 17:48 FatOrc051 Fantasy races in modern times, the seven peoples of Gaiaous.

In my modernized fantasy world their are seven sapient species that populate it, those being humans, elves, gnomes, ogres, goblins, giants and fairies. One of the main things I’m trying to utilize with these generic fantasy races is trying to see how they would fit in the context of more modern times and also play with common tropes centered around them.
All are members of the hominid family tree, having evolved naturally in this world from a common ancestor. Their are three clades they can belong too, those being…
-Sapiens: Basically your “civilized” peoples, containing humans, elves, gnomes, ogres, and goblins. They are medium sized, heavily adaptable and have a strong drive towards innovation and progress.
-Faer: A near extinct group that contains only fairies as of the modern day. Contains small, heavily magical hominids and was the dominant group before Sapiens arose.
-Gigantus: A near extinct group that contains only giants as of the modern day. Their hominid mega fauna that did fairly well durning the ice age but climate change and competition nearly wiped them all out.
The terms “Race” and “Species” are entirely different things here. Species refers to ones species whereas race refers to ones ethnic background. While an elf and human are two separate species they could be considered the same race if they came from the same cultural background. Racism while it still exist has very much taken a backseat to the more common social problem, speciesm. People here don’t really care about skin color and care a whole lot more about species, nationality and magical ability. I’m also trying to avoid species wide monocultures, putting that while certain species do have certain trends due to their biology and psychology that doesn’t make every one of their cultures the exact same.
-The peoples of Gaiaous-
Humans: •Humans are tall and of medium build, typically around 5’3 - 5’10ft and 130 - 150lbs on average. Humans have round ears, unusual for most Sapiens as most have pointed ears. Humans are the third strongest species but faster then gnomes and with greater stamina then ogres. Most humans have magic potential as bi-souls are most common among them, seconded only by closed souls. The typical human lifespan is around 70-80yrs.
•Humans are the most widespread of the peoples, having major populations just about everywhere. While humans do technically outnumber most people that doesn’t make them the dominant species, they are just as often the oppressed people as they are the oppressors depending on region. Humans tend to fill a lot of roles across all societies and thus views on them tend to vary a lot, one common one is their generally seen as copycats, stealing ideas from other species cultures and claiming it as their own.
•Humans are the most religious of all peoples, having extremely strong belief in faith. Humans are often easily radicalize and the fanatical zealot is a common stereotype applied to humans. Humans also tend to be one of the most shortsighted, leading human nations to be the biggest contributors to pollution.
Elves: •Elves are on the shorter side, being on around 5-5’5ft and 110 - 130lbs on average with lean builds, having little muscle or fat. They have angular, delicate features, a gold tint to their skin, almond eyes and long pointed ears. Physically weak elves make up for it with their powerful minds and magical aptitude. Elves are highly intelligent and highest aptitude for magic as their specially adapted nervous system can tolerate huge amounts of magic and their ability to hyper focus means their concentration is difficult to break. Almost all elves have open souls, those that don’t usually have no-souls. Elves with closed souls are rare and often looked down upon as cripples by their kind. Their has never been a recorded case of an elf having a void soul. The typical elven lifespan is between 130-150yrs.
•Elves are most common around the southern half of the world, preferring warmer climates. Elves in multi-species societies tend to find themselves in a lot of high up places due to the intelligence and magical capabilities, prized as doctors, business men, scientist, enchanters, and so on. Elves are commonly stereotyped as being arrogant, snobbish, and closed off.
•Due to their minds and long lives, elves tend to also be quite analytical. Long term planning being a vital skill to them. This however has lead many elves coming off as cold and calculated. The elves also easily tend to fall to obsession, getting hooked on sensations both good and bad.
•Elves where actually believed to be related to fairies for quite a long time, the two sharing a similar appearance and proclivity to magic. Modern genetics testing completely dispelled that rumor and reveled it to just be a case of convergent evolution.
Gnomes: •Gnomes are a short and bulky, being around 4 - 4’5 ft and 180 -220lbs on average with stout builds, having a lot of thick muscle and body fat. Their generally hairy, large chest, have large hands and feet, short dully pointed ears and stoic features with bulbous noses. Gnomes are very strong and sturdy for their size, being able to shrug off surprising amounts of damage. Due to their bulky builds their not very fast or agile but they have the highest stamina of all hominids, only humans being able to come close. The typical gnome lifespan is around 120 - 130yrs.
•Gnomes are most common in the northern half of the world, preferring colder climates. Gnomes in multi species societies tend to work as laborers such as construction workers or engineers where their natural strength and stamina is put to good use. Due to their knack for community, innovating and more sedentary mindset gnomes where the first of the Sapiens to develop civilization. Building cities, working metal and pottery and domesticating animals long before others where doing so. Gnomes are commonly stereotyped as being stubborn, clannish and samey.
•Gnomes are a lot more community driven then other peoples, forming very strong bonds to their communities. Gnomes possess a sheer stubbornness in the face of adversity, not backing down easily.
•Their is a rumor that gnomes are resistant to magic, this is not the case but not entirely baseless. Gnomes have the highest number of void souls among the peoples, with about 10% of all gnomes having a void soul. Due to this gnomes have actually managed to create tech that void souls are able to use without issue but this has yet to become more widely available.
Ogres: Ogres, also commonly called Orcs are the largest of the Sapiens, standing around 6ft tall and weighing over 300lbs on average. They are tall and imposing in build with muscular bodies, grey tinted leathery skin, long arms and have heavy brows, flared nostrils, large pronounced jaws and semi-pointed ears. Ogres are the strongest of all Sapiens, being very strong and fast and have a high tolerance for both pain and extreme temperatures. Ogres have the lowest aptitude for magic, with over 52% of ogres having closed souls. The average ogre lifespan is around 60-80yrs.
•Ogres are most common in extreme environments, found thriving everywhere from deserts, tundras, savannah’s and steppes and other such lands few other species want. Ogres are prized for their strength and usually excel at physical fields like laborers, soldiers and body guards. Ogres are commonly stereotyped as stupid and violent.
•Ogres are naturally more aggressive and straightforward thinkers. This doesn’t make them stupid or violent as many would like to believe, ogres are more then capable of being peaceful.
•While most species are naturally monogamous, ogres are naturally polygamous. Ogre men normally have multiple wives, typically two to four with traditional ogre families being rather large. Due to this a lot of counties that would normally outlaw polygamy make exceptions for their ogre citizens.
Goblins: Goblins are the smallest of the Sapiens, standing only 3’8 - 4ft and weighing around 80- 100lbs on average. They are lean and lanky in build, having a reddish tint to their skin and have large angular eyes, ears and noses. Goblins are the weakest of the Sapiens, but what they lack in strength they make up for in agility and senses. Goblins are naturally agile and dexterous, moving both quickly and silently and have high fine motor skills. They also have a strong senses of smell, hearing and sight. The average goblin lifespan is around 55-60yrs.
•Goblins are just as common and widespread as humans, going all across the world due to migration and slave trade. Goblins tend to struggle to find work outside low income areas, considered to weak to preform physical jobs and ramped speciesism making finding office jobs or other higher employment difficult. Goblins are commonly stereotyped as weak, cowardly and conniving criminals and thieves.
•Goblins are naturally more alert and weary. These instincts being tempered by widespread oppression. Goblins have also developed a distrust for magic and all magic users due to such oppression as well.
•Goblins have an extensive history across the globe of slavery and exploitation. As goblins are weak and less magical then their bigger cousins they where commonly used as slaves throughout history. While slavery is no longer practiced goblins are still widely oppressed and looked down upon no matter where they are.
Giants: •Giants are largest of all hominids, standing over 8-9ft tall and being well over a ton. They look like large cavemen, super tall with pillar like legs. They are extremely strong due to their size but are rather lumbering.
•Giants are the last survivors of the Gigantus group of hominids. They evolved in the late ice age and where able to survive as they required less food and did better in the changing climate then their larger precursors, the Titans.
•Giants have never advanced out of the Stone Age and had little need to, their great size making each giant require too many resources to make large scale sedentary civilizations possible. Giants also lake the innovative drive that Sapiens possess. This hardly matters to them however as they have been successful as primitive hunter gathers all throughout their existence, it only being recently that they ran into problems. In ancient times giants where largely ignored by most other peoples, as conflict with giant tribes was suicidal and not worth it and in turn giants mostly ignored their smaller cousins. In recent centuries however with rapid urbanization and population booms, giants are now being surrounded and choked out by their smaller cousins. Today giants are rare and going extinct, very rarely found outside specified giant reservations as they don’t assimilate well into civilization due to their size and extremely large resource needs.
Fairies: •Fairies are the smallest of all hominids, the average adult fairy being less then 2ft tall and 30 - 40lbs. Fairies are lithe in build, with round, delicate features, long pointed ear, dark almond eyes and only possess four digits on each hand and foot rather then five. Fairies, like elves are strongly attuned to magic but in a more naturalistic way, having an affinity for nature magic and are sensitive to their local environment.
•Fairies are the last surviving member of the Faer group of hominids. The faer where the most dominant form of hominid before the ice age, boasting numerous species now lost time. Archeological evidence shows they lived highly naturalistic lives much like modern fairies, bending nature to their will to create grand civilizations. Their time of prominence came to an end when the ice age began, the shifting climate and competition with the up and coming Sapiens drove them even deeper into extinction.
•Much like giants, fairies where mostly ignored and intentionally isolated themselves from the Sapiens deep in the forest. Most places didn’t even know they shared their lands with fairies unless they revealed themselves or accidentally got discovered. Also like giants their rare and going extinct as their biology is incompatible with modern civilization. Their too small to assimilate comfortably and they do poorly in urban environments due to pollution, their bodies also handle stress very poorly.
Hybrids: •Hybrids, commonly nicknamed mules or the more derogatory “dead bloods” are the result of mix species unions. They look like an awkward cross between their two parent species and while they have traits of both they are watered down versions. Aside from social taboos around interspecies coupling, hybrids tend to be rare due to both having a low conception rate and high rate of miscarriage but if they survive to birth they will live a long, healthy life. As the peoples are of the same family tree most are able to crossbreed but not all are able to. All the Sapiens belong to the same group and are roughly compatible with each other both genetically and physically, allowing crossbreeding to occur. All hybrids alive today are the result of two Sapiens mixing together. Giants and fairies are completely unable to breed outside their own species, belong to separate groups of hominids and their massive size differences makes them genetically and physically incompatible with anyone outside their own species.
•All hybrids are sterile, their mix match genetics rendering them unable to breed at all. This is where the derogatory term for hybrids called “dead bloods” comes from, calling them a genetic dead end and saying both their parents bloodlines die with them. Common fertility treatment spells don’t work on them and all magical attempts at inducing fertility in hybrids has failed, the only thing with remotely any success being the self cloning spell. The sterility of hybrids is a common point used against interspecies couples, more then afew governments have outlawed and refuse to legalize interspecies marriage or even dating out of fear that it will “destabilize” both parent species populations, even though such a fear is impossible. Despite this sterility their have been extremely rare cases of hybrid women getting pregnant on their own, their being about 6 cases of this over the past century. This happens due to an extremely rare phenomenon that’s been observed in mules where the hybrid women produces an egg with only her mothers dna, making the egg viable. Of course the chances of her both producing and having this egg get fertilized are astronomically low.
•Hybrids used to be extremely rare in ancient times since the various species didn’t cohabitate very often. While their where many ancient hybrids born to loving interspecies couples, many more where born either from rape or noble sexventures. Being rejected by both parent species, most of these hybrids ended up as wanderers or joining up with other outcast in royal courts, circuses and freak shows to sell themselves as living oddities. Modern cohabitation and increases in interspecies marriage has resulting in a drastic increase in both hybrids and hybrid acceptime tance.
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2021.10.19 17:48 Jara_z_Kara 3-FMA vs 4-FMA? Looking for experience reports/comparisons

hi there
So I want to pick up some of the other fluorinated methylamphetamines after giving 2-FMA a try and enjoying it. I'm a bit on the edge about whether to give either 3-FMA or 4-FMA a try.
Have any of you done both and are willing to give a comparison? Or in general any reports on how either of the chemicals feel?
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2021.10.19 17:48 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.10.19 17:48 StarSpangledGator I don’t know how feasible it’d be but I would love to see Halvoy from BF V make it into portals mode

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2021.10.19 17:48 AltruisticCulture763 trails gifts to the poor

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2021.10.19 17:48 Olivesplace Breakfast Sausage Seasoning

this would be great on Pork Chops.
Breakfast Sausage Seasoning
3/4 C (144g) Brown Sugar
3 Tbsp (21g) Black Pepper
2 Tbsp (14g) Smoked Paprika
1-2 Tbsp (5-10g) Crushed Red Pepper Flakes, to spice preference
1 Tbsp (15g) Coarse Kosher Salt
1 Tbsp (3g) Rubbed Sage
1 tsp (3g) Allspice
Add all the ingredients to a large bowl and use a fork to mix until no lumps of brown sugar remain. Store in an airtight container.
To use, mix 3 1/2 Tbsp (35g) with every one pound of ground chicken, turkey, or your choice of meat.
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2021.10.19 17:48 dinkinflicka1313 Hospital Recovery Time Post C-section

Hi All!
Long time lurker, first time poster. I am 37+5 today (STM) and have an elective csection scheduled for Thursday morning.
I've tried searching the sub on this, but couldn't find anything recent. I'm wondering how long you were in the hospital post csection for recovery before getting sent home?
Thank you!
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2021.10.19 17:48 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.10.19 17:48 ethan_stelter what are you going to do on the off season?

I am personally going to make a putting area in my garage and practice putting during the cold months but if there is no snow or little snow I will play disc golf.
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2021.10.19 17:48 gekimayu New Preseason Items + Item Changes! (Demonic Embrace is getting Vlads passive)

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2021.10.19 17:48 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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