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[US][A][Moon Guard] Super Casual Guild - Home Is Never Far When Here!

A very rough estimation of the timeline of the Genshin Impact universe, incorporating historical records, myths, and folk tales. A constant work in progress; take information given with a grain of salt. To view the timeline by nation, see Nation Histories and click on the respective nation's page. Please note: This page is under reconstruction. Some information is housed on nations' History ... Yet here was a people of unique promise, gifted innately beyond all other peoples. Here was a race brewed of all the races, and mentally more effervescent than any. Here were intermingled Anglo-Saxon stubbornness, Teutonic genius for detail and systematization, Italian gaiety, the intense fire of Spain, and the more mobile Celtic flame. 100% Adoration Rating Esper Rosenflos/ Summer Rose has this being enormously popular with the people of Mantle due to the proposing many bills to support them as well as openly opposing Ironwood's embargo which devastates their economy. She is also highly respected by the people of Atlas with even Ironwood himself and Jacques Schnee respecting her. As such when she assumes emergency powers in ... JoBlo.com features daily movie & TV news updates, all the latest movie reviews, movie trailers, release dates, posters and much more! Note: If you are looking for the parallel, Edolas couple, see Edo NaLu but if you want to see the cross-time dimension couple, see NafLu. NaLu (ナツルー Natsurū) is a semi-canon pair between Fairy Tail Mages, Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia. Natsu Dragneel (ナツ・ドラグニル Natsu Doraguniru) is a Wizard of the Fairy Tail Guild, he is a member of Team Natsu. He is the younger ... Their new research found, however, that an annular eclipse, “in which the moon passes directly in front of the sun, but is too far away to cover the disc completely, leading to the ... Jump to titles. Jump to Titles. The following programs (movies, TV series, documentaries, and Netflix Originals) are AUDIO DESCRIBED IN ENGLISH on USA Netflix (streaming only). See also Netflix Foreign Language Description in the USA. To learn how to access description on Netflix, see our Audio Description Via Netflix page, which also contains the process for reporting a problem. In much the same way in which he characterized planets and asteroids as powerful, gendered beings in Inside Planets, Ellias Lonsdale gives new depth and nuance to degree analysis, an area often seen as technical or reduced to cliche.. Lonsdale builds on three main degree interpretations: Dane Rudhyar's concept of the Sabian Symbols described in The Astrology of Personality and An Astrological ... The seventh season of the Fairy Tail anime series is directed by Shinji Ishihira and produced by A-1 Pictures and Bridge. Like the rest of the series, it follows the adventures of Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia of the fictional guild Fairy Tail. The season contains three story arcs.The first 27 episodes continue the "Grand Magic Games" (大魔闘演武編, Dai Matō Enbu-hen) arc, which ... Shop our great selection of video games, consoles and accessories for Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS Vita, 3DS and more.

2021.10.19 16:03 Yamr3 [US][A][Moon Guard] Super Casual Guild - Home Is Never Far When Here!

Good morning!
I’m the GM of , a guild centered around having fun and being super casual. Below will be a short FAQ and general topics that I’ll do my best to give you a great overview of the guild in one post or if you'd like a really nice looking website view, click this hyperlink! If you’re interested in participating in our Hybrid Guild / Community Raid Team, please see the very bottom of this post. Also, one last thing before you check out the wall of text! I created a carrd page for our guild as well! So, if you want a super nutshell version with a few pictures, check out this link!
How would you describe Hidden Eclipse?
Hidden Eclipse is a small guild with an emphasis on chill environments, community raids of new to veteran raiders, Mythic+, and… all PvE really! if you like that, you might like us. Here’s a link to our Discord: https://discord.gg/ZNPcpy8
What’s unique about Hidden Eclipse from other guilds?
I’m not sure to be quite honest. The guild is like an extended family to me. I believe no one is as laid back, down tempo, and casual like us. This is more so my opinion though.
Do y’all do anything fun?
Fun is subjective to each person. I find our movie nights, raid nights, and just chilling out to be fun. The guild is great to me but it’s only as fun and awesome as you find fun, join in for, or start something around.
Are y’all RP focused?
RP isn’t something I’m focused on as a guild. Though there are some who do some type of RP to an extent, you won’t find that the guild is built around or for it. More than welcome to create your own RP events and do it on your own time though.
Are y’all welcome to alts?
I’ll say this, two of our members have 5+ alts in the guild. I believe that’ll answer that for you.
How’s your raid progression?
We do not do Heroic raiding full time but we do clear Normal difficulty every raid tier. Due to the lack of interest from our higher skilled players not showing up and the raids being tuned harder, we will not continue into Heroic. I'm about 95% set on this decision; so, it will take a lot of convincing to get me to change from this course.
Our weekly Saturday evening raid is more so a time we get together and punch faces. It’s nothing serious, we don’t have a serious team, and I have no plans on doing Heroic or Mythic raiding full time or such along that manner. We tried doing Heroic during ShadowLands Castle Nathria and while I appreciate the work everyone in the guild and our non-guildies pushing forward to get us to 38% Heroic Sire Denathrius, the lack of participation, lack of people logging in, the almost non-existent gearing outside of raid night, and more and more of our better players not showing, is putting a strain on our not so skilled guildies. I cannot ignore these raiders; because even though we tried doing a little bit harder stuff, the folks who consistently showed up were these not so skilled raiders and they have just as much of a silent-voice in the guild as others.
So, we will go back to our Normal only runs like usual. I like our super casual laid back atmosphere. I believe that defines us as who we are. A unique set of folks who are friendly, helpful, and casual "Weekend Warriors".
Raid time is 7:15 PM RT - 11:00 PM RT.
How did you come up with the guild name?
I spent about 60 hours or so thinking of a name. Black Singularity was going to be the choice till 1. Can’t use Black in names and 2. I couldn’t think of something that goes with Singularity. So, went back to thinking and I like the moon and an Eclipse can hide or magnify the moon… Thus came Hidden Eclipse!
When was the guild founded and why did you start the guild?
The guild was created in November of 2017. I started this guild for multiple reasons but I’ll list a few here. I started playing WoW during Pre-Legion and since then, I mostly ran guildless. I couldn’t find that one guild that felt like home. Each guild I was in, no one would group up every now and then outside of their circles, were too serious, or it didn’t feel like home to me.
So, I moved to Moon Guard after running into a Moon Guardian in LFR. Since then, I kept thinking to myself that I could create a great home for folks. After a month or so being on Moon Guard, I decided to create this guild. Since then, we’ve been slowly, an extreme emphasis on SLOWLY, growing and that’s perfect to me! I like the slow recruitment that’s been happening but that’s how and why I started this guild!
What do you mean by Slow Recruitment?
I don’t want to fill the guild with a bunch of random players nor give the impression that we’re a spam invite guild. Often times, I’ll only post the guild ads maybe 1 or 3 times an hour or sometimes a day or weeks or even go months without posting the ad. I’d rather us grow slowly with a tight niche group of folks that you can consider your extended family and friends.
Yes, while we are among the largest guilds on Moon Guard, we're only large because of the community we've built here. You won't find people online or playing 24 hours a day for a multitude of reasons and ranges, that doesn't mean we're inactive. It shows that there's genuine players who love the guild, what we're about and the community that is established here. I believe we're the most casual, large but small, family-like guild on Moon Guard and I'd love to have you around both in WoW and our growing pool of Final Fantasy XIV players!
Do y’all have a Discord and is it active?
We sure do have a Discord and you’ll find the link below. Active is subjective to each person. The Discord, guild chat, and activity is perfect to me. https://discord.gg/ZNPcpy8
I like the way your guild sounds but I’d rather hang out and not leave my guild…
That’s fine. About 95% of the activities we do with the guild, are extended to non-guildies. So, you’re more than welcome to hang out with us if you want to. I want you to find the perfect home for yourself and friends. If we’re not it, you’re not hurting my feelings by leaving or just hanging out. I’d rather you be at your forever home that makes you happy. Just don’t lie to me is all I ask. =)
Hidden Eclipse Hybrid Community Raid Team
Every Saturday, I post our raid in the LFG to not only fill roles but to bring in new people to raiding and more. If you’re interested in trying out raiding, come give our raid a shot. There are minimum requirements that are to be met but that changes based on the raid tier and how far into the tier we are. I welcome both new raiders and experienced raiders to come have fun with us! Especially new folks to raiding. It's a lot of fun but takes some effort and practice at perfecting your class outside of raid time but worth it in the end!
If you're curious about how our raids are handled, this video was kinda a special night; because it was a new raid tier. One of our newer non-guildie memebers recorded it! Click this text for the video.
Due to the lack of participation from our higher skilled players, we will not continue into next tier doing Heroic. We will go back to the status quo during Legion when we were new to the neighborhood, which was Normal every week and bring new characters if you want to. For those who looked forward to our Heroic raiding nights, I'm sorry but I cannot do another tier of challenging content when the majority of our Raiders are not skilled enough for such content on the daily and the few heavy hitters we have continue to not show up or as the expansions have released, we have fewer and fewer but more casuals playing consistently. For those who looked forward to our Heroic runs, I hope you enjoy more casual runs where Normal clears based around fun and working together is the end goal.
GM Contact info
Discord: Yamr3#0558 - Best way to reach me
BNet: Friends list is maxed out. I can’t add anyone.
GM: RaiColette (or any character that starts out with Rai followed by a name)
Officer: Yanmei
Whew… That was a lot to format and type… Well, if you like the way we sound, reach out to us! If you don’t want to join the guild but just hang out, you’re more than welcome to join our Discord.
I look forward to meeting some more wonderful people. Have a blessed day and I'll see you in the ShadowLands!
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2021.10.19 16:03 biggestdouche_ever I thought pitbulls were banned in Ontario

I have noticed that I've been seeing pit bulls regularly in Toronto since the summer and my friends over at toronto confirmed that the ban is not being enforced in the city. Are other municipalities enforcing this ban? I mentioned I couldn't see anywhere online that the ban was overturned. This is not a slight on pit bulls. It's not the dogs ever, it's always the owners when a dog is bad or has a bad reputation.
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2021.10.19 16:03 learnlanguage1999 (Get Busy) Optimistic October - Day 09

Advice: Don't remain idle. Get busy. Do something. Work towards making your life better. Because Idle Brain is the devil's workshop.
Tasks: 1. Complete choosen tasks. 2. Try to make schedule for them. Don't do it randomly.
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2021.10.19 16:03 Tolkius In light of Nokris coming back for FotL, imagine the following Raid.

Imagine the following Raid.
1st encounter: Fikrul ressurrects Taniks as Scorn. 2nd encounter: Fikrul. 3rd encounter: Nokris ressurrects Taniks as Headless Scorn Taniks. 4th Encounter: Fikrul, Nokris and Headless Taken Scorn Taniks Perfected Abomination.
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2021.10.19 16:03 PrismSensor Can you stake JOE via hardware wallet?

Hi, I bought a significant amount of JOE as I think this will reach $10 soon (one friend works for a large crypto hedge fund [I can't disclose the name] and they are buying up JOE).
I want to keep my JOE in a secure place. Is the only way to stake JOE via Metamask or other software wallet? Or can I use my Ledger to stake my JOE?
How common is it to get hacked on Metamask? I have not let out my seed phrase/private keys on any website/public place. However I still think Metamask is nowhere near as secure as a hardware wallet. So how can I ensure that I take minimal risks with staking JOE?
Thanks for any advice.
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2021.10.19 16:03 Jcpmax From a NASA side, how much does it mean to have Gerstenmaier as the VP (nr 3) over at SpaceX?

Bill Gerstenmaier is a legend at NASA. How much do you think it helps the partnership to him essentially be the guy who signs off on integration and any human launches?
I expect he might be part of the "strong backbench" NASA was refering to under managment, in the HLS contract
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Seems like we could use a place to hang out, swap stories, whatever. I figured I'd make an online Lot for us to hang out in before the shows. Share your craziest Phish story, or maybe a recent personal victory or struggle, or talk about fantasy sports, or your school, or your family, or literally whatever.
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2021.10.19 16:03 Professional-Ad-7032 It’s not getting better

Bad things keep happening to me this past month. My mental state has already been awful. I’m starting to have seizures preventing me from going to school and having a job, but I can’t afford healthcare for therapy or treatment. I quit one job because my managers refused to give me more hours, got a new job where the managers completely invalidated my health problems and told me to get over it, my dad had to go to the hospital and now he’s bedridden after surgery in his neck, my bank account has suddenly been drained all of its money, I’m too mentally drained to do any of my school assignments, and I’ve thought about suicide so much during this entire month. I don’t have anyone who can help me. My problems don’t seem that bad to an outside but on the inside I feel like I’m in hell because nothing is getting better
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