How to deal with psychosis as a minor

2021.12.03 12:24 AKoolKat How to deal with psychosis as a minor

I got diagnosed two weeks ago and since my parents have taken me out of school and made it so I can only contact one person at school to get work only for 10 minutes each day. I can’t deal with this I get that I’m going through an episode but how do I convince them I’m sane so I can talk to people again? It’s been so lonely just sitting at home for hours by myself every day I can’t take it. I’m 17 so I can move out soon and I will as soon as I possibly can, but until then, ideas? How do you all convince your friends and family you are sane?
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2021.12.03 12:24 Throwra_plzcomehome I had a debate with my wife of just under a year. Instead of considering therapy or counseling, she walked out and wants to separate. All I want is for us to work things out.

This horrible series of events started a few days ago with what was originally a reasonable discussion about frequency of intimacy. It had been about 6 weeks since our last encounter, and before that we were pretty regular at every week or two. I asked, and she denied. Fair enough. Before we got married, we knew we had different preferred frequencies, but we also agreed we would work to achieve a happy medium. I asked if she realized it had been so long, and that it can hurt my self esteem to be shot down repeatedly. She reminded me her drive is lower than mine, so I acknowledged and added that I was trying to respect it by asking less often.
Things took a turn for the worse when she started saying she believed this was an inherent incompatibility, and when I said we should look into counseling or therapy, she started saying repeatedly it wouldn't help, and things aren't going to work out. She has always had the pessimistic view vs my optimism, but I didn't think she would latch on to this notion so hard. I knew what she was saying had scary implications, so I got upset and asked her to stop saying those things, but she repeated herself several more times before I started breaking down out of fear of what her words implied. She accused me of trying to emotionally manipulate her by crying to have my way, and I tried to pull myself together to explain her words were hurtful and I've always deliberately tried to be open with my emotions to her of all people.
She didn't accept that. She got very frustrated and prepared to leave the house. She said she was going to visit a small group of mutual friends she had been socializing with a few times a week over the past month or two. I said okay, but when you come back we should try to talk this out more. She left without incident just before dinnertime, and several hours later as it was getting late, she texted saying she planned to stay over there for the night. I was tired and drained and still shaken by what she said earlier, so I started to panic and asked her to please come home, that if she wanted space in separate rooms it was okay, but that it would allow us to talk things over face to face. More fruitless back-and-forth texts, and neither of us really changed our stance, but then she texted saying she was turning off her phone.
In that moment, I felt more alone than I did in the 4 years of knowing her through dating, engagement, and marriage. The circumstances reminded me of a previous relationship where I was cheated on, and I started having very real panic attacks. (And no, it's not cool when people idly claim to have panic attacks over small potatoes. I would not embellish this bit for extra brownie points in spite of other people who have also experienced them.) After a little time had passed, I regained enough composure to call my father-in-law, who lives near and works nightshifts. I filled him in on the situation thus far, and he consoled me to the best of his ability. I also sent a message to one of the friends my wife was staying with, first to ask if she was there safely, and then mentioned how I missed my wife, it hurt that I couldn't be with her, and that I want things to work out between us. I never got a response to that. I was still on the edge of panicking and got a little manic, so I ended up driving the same few main street blocks for nearly an hour. I did not try to locate the house she was staying at, I don't even know the address anyways, but I needed something to focus on.
I got home, wrote out a letter about how badly I was hurt by this experience, and that we need to be adult and mature enough to try to resolve our issues and seek help when it's necessary, and not run away from our issues. To be fair, I acknowledge this wasn't very empathetic, and I would later relent on the "running away from issues" bit when I gained a little more perspective on coping mechanisms. I finished my letter, left it by the door, and fell asleep on the couch around 3am.
The next day, I texted her later in the morning when I finally woke up, saying I was sorry for being quite so insistent that she come home, but that we still needed to talk things over, and that when she did come home, I would pick us up a nice dinner to treat ourselves. She replied there was no need for the dinner. A couple hours later, she shows back up at the apartment, starts grabbing some work clothes, and says she's had enough and plans to file. All the while, the friends she stayed with are standing in our apartment, starting silently at me and honestly making me pretty uncomfortable. I never liked when our issues were made public, but they had front row seats to this spectacle. I'm especially afraid they encouraged her to consider divorce, as one of the former friends had just broken off his engagement of like 6 years because, ironically, his ex-fiancee would shut down and refuse to communicate when he wanted to open up and have talks with her.
When she said "filing," all hell broke loose in my brain. I started desperately telling her this was an overblown reaction to an issue we can fix, that there is no way one should consider divorce before even contemplating counseling. She was adamant at this point, and told me to get out of her way back to the door, so I did move while still pleading with her to be more reasonable. As they headed out to the parking lot, I immediately texted my in-laws of what she just said, and got in my car to go see them as they live about 5 minutes away. They had gotten into their cars and were heading for the apartment just as I got to their driveway. I don't know if it was in response to my text, or if my wife had messaged them just before she confronted me.
We all ended up in the parking lot, where my father-in-law took me aside in his truck so my wife and I wouldn't be right by each other, and so I could vent to him. To my surprise, he was surprisingly sympathetic, and mentioned they also suggested counseling to her, but she was not budging for them either. Meanwhile, my wife, former friends, and the other in-laws started loading some of her personal things into cars. Not the one she was normally driving up to that point, though. She knows both cars titled in my name and from my family, and she didn't contest possession of it at all. As they were preparing to leave, my FIL suggested I talk to our church pastor who officiated the wedding for further advice and support. My FIL and other in-laws have been nothing but sweet to me in the past days, but they said they can't really influence my wife's actions and that they don't even really know where she had been most of this time.
That day, I talked to her parents, our pastor, and my parents, and all of them seemed equally floored by my wife's decision. My pastor said he or his wife would try to reach out to her for her point of view, but I suspect my wife is not willing to speak with them. All I want is for my wife to relent and come home so we can work on our issues and try to work as the team we are supposed to be to overcome our problems. My parents advised I limit how often I try messaging her, but to speak gently and reasonably when I do. I've been following those guidelines, plus taking their advice to cover my own butt legally and financially. The few times I have messaged her since essentially ask if she's doing alright, that I really want to understand her perspective, that I will gladly drop my own wants in order to to try to remediate and reconcile, just for her to be okay to come home before even talking about counseling or ground rules or anything. Each time (once or twice a day), she keeps stating she's not comfortable with our relationship anymore, but one time mentioned to maybe try again when we're older(???)
This whole event had absolutely blindsided me. I am still in shock, I am confused, and I am having many moments throughout the day where I can't keep myself composed. When I try to go to sleep around 10, I find myself wrestling thoughts and fears and questions till nearly 2 in the morning, leaving me about 3 hours of sleep when I finally wanted to try working again today. I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know whether my wife will attempt to reconcile, or totally regret her decisions, or dig in and continue as she plans. The only thing I do know is that I love her with every fiber of my being, and I am constantly reminded of her: her absence at home or in bed at night, the rings she left behind on the bed before the left that day. I just want my wife back, but I have no idea how this unprecedented situation will end up.
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2021.12.03 12:24 FknFox Disappointed in canadian apes. But pretty sure its all bs. "Top 10 stocks sold at RBC direct investing in november 2021" i know im not selling

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2021.12.03 12:24 Spiritual_Reader123 32M4F ... [Friendship] ... Its Weekend and i m lonely ..lets enjoy the weekend! [Chatting]

Weekend is here almost ... and i m getting bored lol ! I am a talkative person so your phone keep pinging (disclaimer) :P .. friendship and may be more with mutual understanding :))
Feel free to drop a message !
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2021.12.03 12:24 TheBanishedOne999 This guy is just too damn cool to pass up for the price. Also had the terror don which was awesome but I only have so much room.

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2021.12.03 12:24 GerardTheGuitar On Korn's "Blind" music video. I will lose my mind

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2021.12.03 12:24 Chuckysmimi Outlet shopping on Candle Day rocked!!

If you live near an outlet I highly recommend. I am guessing a lot of people don't do it because I asked about it here, Facebook, and on YouTube and nobody had.
Not only did they have new stuff but they had old stuff $10.25 as well. Like whole tie dye collection ( I got Cereal and Cartoons ) and other Summer candles even Halloween candles. They also had Turkey candle holder , Halloween chest pedestal , and glow in dark skull candle holder I have been wanting 50% off. I also picked up fresh linen wallflower for $2.
There was no line to get in when they opened at 6 am and only 2 other customers in store .
I left with 4 candles , skull candle holder , and wallflower paid $52 after tax with $10 off $40 coupon. My only complaint is they had new and old but nothing in middle. They had not even heard of Holiday Cheer. There was also no Cranberry Toffee or Kettle Corn .
Tanger Outlet Michigan.
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2021.12.03 12:24 alii326 anyone attending the Myntor zoom tonight?

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2021.12.03 12:24 romasto Lone Seeker

This loner is at his best when alone,
At the top when left behind.

This one is a strange one,
The one with desperation for truth.

A dumb lover,
He has no words to utter.

Searching for a way,
A path that leads to the point of no return;
An ultimate Union.
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2021.12.03 12:24 eruzamarii A CHANCE TO HAVE YOUR OWN TEAM. giveaway. giveaway. giveaway 🎁🎁🎁

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2021.12.03 12:24 Asparagus_Classic 5 MUST DO CVS DEALS (12/5 - 12/11) | 10 ITEMS FOR $3.62!

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