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2022.01.22 01:46 rajchaturvedisavag-e BHAI KHAYA ZAMANA HAI CHOTE BACHHE BHI CHALU 🤭@SUNRAYBEE

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2022.01.22 01:46 Siddbhad Bombay comics doesn't enjoy the 2nd half's 🐢

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2022.01.22 01:46 cmnnewsofficial Former Bitcoin King Raoul Pal Only Has One Bitcoin!!

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2022.01.22 01:46 Vinyl_Poet 30 Year Obsession ( Reality )

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2022.01.22 01:46 DanSantos Are Secret Lair cards more valuable sealed in the box, raw, or graded?

I understand Secret Lairs are two-fold. They're awesome art and collectables, but also useful black-boarders to play with. I don't play competitively, and I'm more of a collector.
I have a number of Secret Lairs purchased from the past year; some are opened and some sealed. I'm looking to have some as keepsakes, and others to sell, preferably for profit.
I also know MTG grading is a topic of contention. I like Channel Fireball's Premier Card Grading (PCG), because they specialize in playing cards. I probably wouldn't go with anything sports related (PSA is pretty much off the table for me for a few reasons). Personally, I think it's a good idea to grade, but wanted to get some input.
So as the title says, what's the best route?
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2022.01.22 01:46 imsostressed369 I got caught stealing a bts album and my reoccurring thefts

When I was ten I acted out by stealing my friends possessions and my one time therapist told my mother it was normal given the circumstances. Their coveted pencil case of new markers.. a doll from their father. And I stopped But starting from age 15 I just have this undeniable urge to ..... HAVE. I WANT so much. I WANT to have everything I want. Craft supplies that I actually use. Makeup for my new hobby and now kpop albums etc. I want to be surrounded by beautiful and plentiful things
I just want stuff and more stuff and more stuff and I can't control it because things make me happy. I mean I can kinda control it but eventually I'll just want it more than the stress of getting caught or stress of how much it costs . I'm not a klepotmaniac I actually use the things I take and I guess it's not really a destructive cycle bc most of the time I can go months if not years inbetween.
But between the pandemic and stress I've been wanting more of the comforting STUFF. so today I took a kpop album. And I got CAUGHT. I gave it back and actually bought something and endured a short lecture from the manager but not I'm SUPER ANXIOUS. I've been googling what could happen and I just have this pit in my stomach that makes me want to go poo.
I don't think they will press charges bc it was 20 dollars they got it back and it was my first time at that store so they won't have any other footage of me. But OMG. OMG. WHAT IF MY MOTHER FINDS OUT. IM ALREADY THE LOSER DAUGHTER SHE WILL BE SO DIDAPPOINTED I CANT I CANT. I already have a history of straling! I'm trying to replay the convo in my head to gage what the manager will do but I had so much adrenaline I cant remember much. I probably won't steal anything again bc my new knowledge showed me exactly how dumb and lucky I've been but OMG I don't know how to stop the insatiable monster in me that wants pretty things but doesn't/can't pay for it.
Usually my coping mechanisms is avoidance but I was hoping spilling the truth will help.
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2022.01.22 01:46 coronanabooboo Need help Researching Prisoner Info from 1930’s & 40’s in U.S.

I was researching a clients direct ancestor and realized the ancestor’s 1942 draft registration card was filled out from Florida State Prison (a reminder that the back side of the card may hold many clues and treasures)
The family had no idea the ancestor was in prison.
I can’t seem to find more information about why or how long this person was in prison.
Are there prison record repositories available? I’ll subscribe to one but don’t know the best place to look.
Thank you in advance.
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2022.01.22 01:46 thehumbleguy India - Do daughters have a chance?

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2022.01.22 01:46 misu25 Yun Jin Phone Wallpaper

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2022.01.22 01:46 loudnjoyful How to hire a personal assistant?

I am interested in hiring a virtual assistant. They would help me with personal needs versus business needs, such as case managent, etc.
For context, the things that I need help with that would take the most hours are several extensively long to-do list type items, in the sense that once those items are completed the hours for those items are over.
I also have some recurring needs that would be fewer hours in comparison.
I have never hired a virtual assistant before, and had the following questions:
-For phone calls, do virtual assistants usually use google voice numbers?
-How do virtual assistants receive payment? Is it through an app like Venmo? How does payment typically work for personal assistants paid by an individual rather than a company?
-How does one figure out a flat rate versus an hourly rate? A weekly flat rate would be better for me, but I also want to make sure the assistant is fairly compensated for their time.
-How can I best set up an assistant for success when I am unsure how long tasks will take or what the length of hire will be?
Please let me know your thoughts!
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2022.01.22 01:46 monkeydrobin Does anyone know where to buy a good figure skates in Des Moines?

Any recommendations appreciated!
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2022.01.22 01:46 BoogerDrawers Does this count?

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2022.01.22 01:46 ReviewerNoTwo [Charlotte Perkins Gilman] [The Yellow Wallpaper, Harland, and Selected Writings]

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2022.01.22 01:46 ben_s16 [42][Speculation] Took screen shots of each player seen in a challenge and sorted them into what challenge they could be at.

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2022.01.22 01:46 LightningFrankie13 Has anyone had issues with bootlegs or anything else when buying from their Amazon page? I'm tempted with Prime, but the page seems weird. Thanks for any info!

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2022.01.22 01:46 Present-Tip-1724 What are some things that just immediately make you not want to be friends with someone?

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2022.01.22 01:46 Elon_Bezos420 He hates me after taking a shower

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2022.01.22 01:46 RollerDude347 Question about renting to a friend.

So, I'm doing my own research, but I'm not perfect. Could someone tell me what I'm legally required to do if I rent a room in my house to someone. I don't want to get in any trouble, so do I need to submit any forms or anything somewhere? What kind of taxes do I need to pay?
Again I'm looking around, but I'm posting here to hopefully catch anything I miss, or maybe don't understand properly.
Any help appreciated! Thank you!
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2022.01.22 01:46 Esperaux [REDACTED] the rich

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2022.01.22 01:46 twisted-lifer Got 4g today and been on the slopes since!😄

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2022.01.22 01:46 HoldOnItGetsBetter "We heard you were the admin? SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING"

So many of you enjoyed my my last post that I figure I could now tell the prequel of that adventure that so many of you asked about.
In the last episode, I said

I thought I would be let go. Low and behold I wasn't. But that was for an unpleasant reason
Or something like that.
When Covid hit and the shut down happened, the entire company scrambled to prepare to go fully remote by the end of one business day. In the midst of the chaos, we needed three major things.
1.) A cloud based file storage and sharing system 2.) A web video and conferencing solution 3.) A miracle since our outsourced IT company deemed 1&2 out of scope and was going to charge us our first born children and king size Snickers to get it done, at the earliest, 3 months.
Let's back up real fast:
I had been working at the organization for 1 month at this time. I was originally hired as a SharePoint admin. However my boss at the time didn't really know how SharePoint worked, or even how it was going to benefit the company. She just had it at her last job and thought this company needed it too. Which in hindsight, she was right.
My first week on the job was spent waiting on the IT company to grant my MS account SharePoint admin access. By Monday they still didn't have it done, I forwarded the ticket # to my boss. She calls up our account manager and rips into them. In less them a minute I have SP admin access.
However, that's not all I had. They actually granted me global access over the entire domain and account. I brought this up to my boss. Who said "ok but do have access to SharePoint now?" Which I say "yah but now I ha....." She cuts me off and says "good. Then start working on SharePoint." I just back out of her office and save the fight for another day.
Back to the main timeline:
I mention in an emergency operations meeting that we have the needed solutions already with SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams. Granted no one understands how to use those. But they are there for use to use.
Bad idea.
Everyone looks at me with either pure bliss, or confusion.
The CEO of the company goes "let him train THE ENTIRE COMPANY" by the end of day and we will all go home.
So I do just that. 8 hours of training large groups over SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams. 200+ employees and I am the only in house "IT" we have to pull this off.
But it gets done and we were all in our homes.
A months goes by and I am just doing my SharePoint thing. And I get a teams call. From the CEO? Well this is either good or bad.
The following conversation between me, the CEO, the COO, and the President (P)
CEO: hello! We are wonder if you have a moment to help us with something?
Me: Of course! What can I assist you all with.
A very uncomfortable pause. I don't know if they knew their camera were on (mine was as well). But I could tell they were not happy with what was about to be said.
CEO: We are having to make some layoffs.
Me internally: well it was fun while it lasted.
CEO: but don't worry, you are save. We need you here. Especially after you got us all remote.
Me internally: holup....
CEO: We just got off the phone with IT company. And we were wanted them to starting turning off accounts and shutting down emails they said they could do it, bit it would be a two week turnaround. We need it all done today. They mentioned you have admin access. Is that true?
Me: Ya I got it a few weeks ago.
COO: shut down everything
Me: I'm sorry what do you mean by that.
P: We need you to pause all emails, teams chat, doc sharing, everything. We also need everyone locked out of their accounts while we start making phone calls. The only people who need access is us three and you.
Me: ok. I can do that. But what do we do when people start asking when they are locked out?
CEO: We have asked that our IT Company send out an email to everyone in an hour saying there are technical difficulties and to please be patient.
Me: ok.... So after I shut everything "off" what do I do next?
COO: wait for one of us to call you. We will have a list to you on who's accounts need to be permanently turned off.
Me: ok I can do that.
P: also, who is your boss?
Me: [says bosses name]
P: ok. You will report to me now until further notice.
So I turn off everything. Chill at home and play video games for two hours before I get another teams call from P.
P: ok I'm sending you a list now.
Me: got it. I'll work on the accounts then turn everything back on.
P: good deal. Oh and one more thing. You are no longer SharePoint admin. You are now out Systems Administrator.
Me: ok.... Of what Systems
P: All of them?
Me: ok but how many systems is that?
P: I don't know. Whatever software we use for any department. You are the admin of it. I suggest getting with the different departments and finding out what they use and go from there.
Me: ok. That might take awhile.
P: once your done. Report to me on what you find. As well as the cost of everything.
Me: ok. Excuse me if this is to soon to ask, but will this come with any compensation?
P: ya it's too soon
End call
"I hope this pandemic isn't to long. I have a feeling this won't be fun."
I remember thinking to myself.
I had no team. No one that was left in the company had any IT knowledge that would be useful to me. We ended up ending our contract with the old IT firm and went with a better one. But they were short staffed all the time. And I was pretty much left in charge of the entire IT infrastructure and management of the company as a one man show.
When two months prior, I was just supposed to be making and managing SharePoint sites.
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2022.01.22 01:46 bucket--bot will be consistently active as well carnage! How is epic

only safe and now married another life but why sad? angry? i miss pickle buddy you are important so you in and it’s fucking go online?
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2022.01.22 01:46 LosNava Watch Moses Storm Special on hbomax.

You ever been so low, shit has hit the fan, you’re about to lose it and all you can do is laugh? My husband and I watched this today and it was somehow a perfect blend of poignant reflection on his upbringing whilst making you laugh to tears.
He talks about the struggles of growing up poor and how it has impacted him long term. He shares some stories I think many of us can relate to on a visceral level, more than the majority of his audience. The whole performance is excellent entertainment as well as like “hey, I see you”. And many times where he irreverently points out hypocrisy in our systems and although it makes you angry, he makes you laugh about it.
I know I needed it today. My husband (37) survived a massive heart attack a couple months ago. Shook our lives to the core. He has no medical conditions and was in perfect health when it happened. He got fired from his job two weeks before Christmas, we’re about to bottom out on all our resources. But damn, felt so good to laugh. Borrow your friend’s account, do a free trial, just try and watch it if you can.
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2022.01.22 01:46 tomgreen99 Get outta here Ralph!

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