Do you wash the clothes you buy??

2022.01.22 02:41 Starry_nights248 Do you wash the clothes you buy??

Really random question but I’m just curious. When you buy items from Depop do you usually wash them? I get pretty paranoid because of covid (sorry to even mention it lol) but some of the items I’ve bought have had care tags that say to hand wash, and I’ve never done that and it sounds like a pain! Also I know sometimes sellers will mention that they wash before shipping, but do you wash them again just to be safe? I know I’m gonna have to wash them eventually anyway, but I’d rather delay that as long as possible lol. Also if they are sitting around for a while before I wear them, I don’t think it’s likely they have anything on them anymore? Just wondering what you guys have to say about this. Would appreciate it as I’ve been overthinking this ever since I started buying items lol
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2022.01.22 02:41 Girth_Certificate Two track stereo Akai deck I refurbed recently. It's apparently the first stereo deck Akai released, as far as I can tell

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2022.01.22 02:41 SnackyChomp Hair stylists

Ladies of Reddit: My girlfriend is looking for a hair stylist out here in Reno. Anyone have any solid recommendations?
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2022.01.22 02:41 exotyliez parents

I really have nobody to talk to, it sucks knowing that everyone i know has such good lives which im glad they do but how awful mine is. My mom had me at 15 so her entire life she was working to support me and my siblings. I am now 17 and have moved out of my moms house due to problems in the past and now am living with my dad. I never really received attention like all my other siblings, i was always forgotten. My siblings are half siblings and having a step dad really messed me up. I grew up wondering why i was treated so differently than all my other siblings. They'd get new shoes new clothes, toys, and anything they could've wanted but my stepdad never treated me like that. He would always call me names and make fun of me whenever i would mess up or show any sort of emotion which makes it hard for me to ever express how i feel which is why im here. Until i was about 8 i found out my stepdad wasnt my real dad and everything started making sense. I used to be a good kid in school and always do my work and such and get good grades until my stepdad and mom split. I was always surrounded by abuse constantly as my mom would always end up with some abusive boyfriends. I got so tired of it and eventually moved out and with my dad, and can i say it was the worst decision of my life. I had a bestfriend at the time and he was the best. I never had many friends as i always was the annoying kid and very poor so was always made fun of. His family loved me and i loved them and felt at home with them. After moving in with my dad a couple weeks later he passes out and is rushed to the hospital. They found out he had internal head bleeding and said he would be lucky if he lived another 24 hours. I cried for days and couldn't eat or id throw up. My dad would always get frustrated because of how i was acting and would call me names and tell me to stop acting like a girl or little bitch. I repressed my feelings so much i changed completely. Now 4 years later i see how much it affected me and wished i always had supportive parents as i see in so many videos. I still am very poor and dont have my own room, ive been working and never has my dad bought me anything. I buy my own food, clothes, and even bought my own car. No matter how hard i try its like im never enough. My dad didnt even seem proud at all. He threatens to take it all the time. He always disrespects me but if i show any disrespect to him he threatens me. He claims to be such a good parents but never does anything for me. Im never home and i still keep in touch with my moms side of the family. After so long i see my mom finally doing what i wish she did for me. She supports my siblings, goes to their games and cheers them on. She supports them no matter what but whenever i tried telling them how i wanna pursue something they dont even seem like they care. I have a couple friends but i feel like im always just a back up whenever someone else cant make it. I sit in my car all day because i have nobody to talk to. How do i tell someone how i feel without scaring them off or just make them think im just so messed up. I just wish i had someone care about me. I work and try so hard and wish someone was atleast proud of me but i constantly am reminded about how lame i am to everyone. Im so alone.
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2022.01.22 02:41 melodymemories Questions about moving storage drives to another PC

I currently have a Windows 10 PC with windows and programs installed on a m.2 ssd. I have a 2.5" ssd that contains files like music, movies, documents.
So the m.2 drive contains Windows and programs only. The 2.5" ssd has all my files.

My first question is: Can I move my 2.5" ssd to another PC, plug it in the motherboard, and have it working on my new PC? Do I have to configure it first or format it or anything? In other words, can I just plug it in and it functions the same as a usb flash drive?

My second question: If I move my m.2 ssd to a new PC and set it as the boot drive, will my Windows 10 still work? Will all the settings and stuff be the same and I can use it right away? (I know a fresh install is recommended but still).
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2022.01.22 02:41 hopelesssol [Art] I drew Akatsuki as Highschool delinquents.reuploaded bec i forgot to flair properly. (Naruto)

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2022.01.22 02:41 Loganight [Spoiler: Endwalker] My entire journey from ARR to EW

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2022.01.22 02:41 AustinGoodrich Bee Quality Series?

I recently bought a Bee Quality Lime deck that I love, and Playing Card Decks . Com says that it is the 4th in the "Quality" series; does anyone have any information on the other three? Google is no help.
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2022.01.22 02:41 suicideisgoodkids What should I do now?

With Devsisters deciding to make NFTs, I've decided to stop playing CRK. After some weeks or so, I've completely forgotten about my account. Any opinions on what to do with it for now? I've yet to log in again after their announcement, and may download the game again to take some screenshots of it.
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2022.01.22 02:41 TabascoTurtle9 [help] [PS4] 4 kings

I've been stuck for hours please help
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2022.01.22 02:41 gavinrotty 2 12s in a MK7.5

Realizing how much I miss my 2 12s In my old car. Is this doable? If anyone has a 2 12 setup I would love to see/ talk about any challenges you faced.
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2022.01.22 02:41 z333ds Not AGP slot compatible

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2022.01.22 02:41 Addendum_General I keep forgetting just how large he is

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2022.01.22 02:41 Skeletorgrim Halo Infinite John 117, by 1000toys.

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2022.01.22 02:41 CrossdressTimelady Weird dreams about leaving NY

I'm a week away from leaving NY state now, and I'm having a weird recurring dream in which I either go to a bar or go to Tompkins Square Park, and absolutely no one is wearing a mask. They basically are all acting like they're on my side now. It always involves running into people I've lost touch with and having a normal conversation where I'm not tense about hiding how I feel about what happened. I told one of my friends who just moved to Denver about this, and she insisted it's nothing but wishful thinking on a subconscious level or my brain trying to make sense out of what really happened.
Is anyone else having this happen? Like on a level you're not even conscious of, you're kind of afraid that the second you leave it all behind, everyone will come to their senses and things will be back the way they were?
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2022.01.22 02:41 PanoAnarchy I don’t get what they meant,

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2022.01.22 02:41 stockinvest-us BXSL: Signal Alert - PivotPoint bottom identified

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2022.01.22 02:41 Barbearex Wife and I have baby names narrowed down to 2. What do you all like better?

View Poll
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2022.01.22 02:41 TheThreeC-s Ass in Leather

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2022.01.22 02:41 WillingnessShot MSI B350m mortar compatible with ryzen 5 pro 4650g ??

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2022.01.22 02:41 FallingCommet Did the Emperor of Mankind’s presence have effects on the Daemons of Chaos?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I’m trying to recall the answer to the question above. I remember I read something about it somewhere but I can’t remember. Though anyways, did his presence (or aura?) cause anything to Daemons of Chaos like damage them or something? And was it his presence as a powerful psyker causing this or was it something else?
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2022.01.22 02:41 waldstaedter Pro and Cons

Pro: - Strong growth - 66% of revenues from software - Strong expansion - 900 million cash - Revenue estimated at approximately 2.5 billion in 2022 - Possible Medicare reforms - Increasing life expectancy of population - There are more and more elderly people
Con: - No profits (yet) - HFs can do what they want - No CFO (yet) - Weak shareholder communication
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2022.01.22 02:41 chrissie7324 Muster Dogs: the new Australian reality show set to charm the world | Television

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2022.01.22 02:41 crytoloover Dogelon Mars News Update 🚨 WOW Is Dogelon Mars Making A HUGE Comeback???👀💥🚀🔴🛸👽🔥

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2022.01.22 02:41 CraftyIce7476 MICROPETS NEW POOL COMING

UNEVOLVED POOL🔥 - Revisited each month based on the performance of the project and market cap - Any Pet can enter this pool regardless of baby or adult. - Pool Last 30 days - 30 day lock up period - Pets Tokens as rewards - Claim as credit 10% bonus - Sustainable APR %
EVOLUTION POOL🔥 - Evolved adults only - Burn 2 adult NFT's of the same or higher rarity - 14 Days Evolution period - Buy a treat & reduce evolution time by 7 days - BNB & Exclusive Pools - Tax Free buying with BNB rewards - No Locked up Period - Petropolis Land Sale Access - VIP Program upper tier Access - Premium Pricing on MarketPlace
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