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Catacombs by lopezxeno

2022.01.22 02:57 Cardinal900 Catacombs by lopezxeno

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2022.01.22 02:57 Adept-Kangaroo7448 just got this bad boy from a field research

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2022.01.22 02:57 ganon4688 Anyone way to enable audio for Wallpaper Engine on Mobile?

Got myself a fire playlist yet I can't even hear one of the best parts about it.
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2022.01.22 02:57 jobsinanywhere What Is A Gala Games Node

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2022.01.22 02:57 aashes__ Is there career success in my horoscope? I thrived academically in high school and am struggling at university. I feel so stressed about my future career. Please help!

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2022.01.22 02:57 ABuffWizard The music and the ending especially...

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2022.01.22 02:57 diesalfuel69 Can I get deported for destruction of property?

I hated my landlord at the apartment I was living abroad. I broke the TV, painted the walls, cut up the sofa, etc. I left that country and came back to the states. Is it possible for the landlord to report it to the police and have me deported back to the country?
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2022.01.22 02:57 Bucknastysound Any Illinois / Wisconsin diggers out there?

Fox Lake, Illinois native here. But I also also stay in Southern Wisconsin from time to time. I am new to the hobby and have been excited to start up.
Looking for some good areas to try or common places that are good in this area? (also open to tips)
As a kid I had a cheap metal detector in the household, but never found interest until I became a land surveyor and had to use a magnetic locator called the Schonstedt GA-52CX to find property pipes.
I have I got some good tips from metal detecting/ relic hunting podcast and have started to do the research side of things until I get the equipment.
Aside from Al Capone and other prohibition-era mobsters hanging around here, I didn’t know too much about this area.
For those that may be interested in some history of the area.. Mineola, a historic hotel/resort located in Fox Lake. Built in 1888. Although the building is no longer open, it is still standing and was open til early 2000’s. This whole area was a hot spot for mobsters and vacationing families back in the day. During the prohibition, “Fox Lake was a suburban outpost for gambling and drinking for the Capone crime family and Capone was known to hang out at the Mineola Hotel”
In 1930, 5 people were shot in an incident called the Fox Fox Lake Massacre which was said to be retaliation for the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre in Chicago. This incident happened at Manning Hotel in Fox Lake “Manning Hotel was located on Pistakee Lake near W. Grand Avenue, west of Route 12.” where the building still stands today as a private residence. Apparently, Capone and George "Bugs" Moran owned homes off Lake Bluff, (also in the area)
Capone also had other hideouts in the area and I remember going to one when I was younger that was tuned into a church I told my dad to find the address for me.
But the biggest local gangster story I found was the story of, legendary bank robber, Harvey John Bailey Who got away with 1 Million dollars and supposedly left it at a farm in Richmond, Illinois where it it is said to be still to this day.
(I’m sure there’s so much more I can find but) Last but not least I’ll mention Moraine Hills State Park which gets its name from the boulders and deposits left by the the Wisconsin glacier, also leaving a glacial lake. Cool thing about this area is the Native American artifacts found that indicate “human presence in the area within 1,000 years of the retreat of the Wisconsin glacier” ..that’s at least 11,700 years ago!!! Woah
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2022.01.22 02:57 ATC_av8er Anatomy of a strike

Hello all. Lurked a long time on this sub first time posting.
The UFCW just ended a strike at a local grocery chain. This got me thinking. I know strikes can be an effective tool in the unions toolbox to institute systemic changes in a company. But how do strikes work? What happens immediately after members vote to authorize a strike? Upon reading the local news about the grocery strike ending, the union president said something along the line of workers will get "full credit for Friday and Saturday". What does this mean?
Also, what is the reasoning for allowing managers to be members of a union like UFCW?
Note: I am a union member, but I am not legally allowed to strike against my employer so that is not a tool my union can use so I am completely ignorant of how it works. Also, once you get into management on any level, you are no longer allowed to be a part of the Bargaining unit.
Thank you in advance for passing along your knowledge.
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2022.01.22 02:57 FlauntingGravity Ski Crew Assemble! Happy Friday

What up ski crew, am back smashin lines and havin a fab Friday! Good tunes, good gear, good company that are now passed out. Gonna do a big pornstar line and perhaps try to go to sleep. Ain't happening hahahaha
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2022.01.22 02:57 notplayingdice I feel like I just found my match, but he's still processing a breakup

Two weeks ago I matched with this incredible guy, we've gone out on like six dates, I've slept over multiple times, we've talked about careers, family, future travels, where we see ourselves etc. It definitely seems like we see each other as serious partners, and he's forthcoming about always wanting to see me again, planning the next date etc, but he and his ex broke up three months ago as she moved to another city. Last night I asked him if she came back home, if he would want to get back. with her, and he said he wasn't sure, but confessed that the break up still feels fresh, and that it was a good relationship (2 years). They have the same friend circle too. I can see myself falling in love with this man and building a life with him, what should I do? Should I give him the space and time to figure it out for himself, or tell him upfront that I want to be with him?
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2022.01.22 02:57 thecooliestone Students have end of year grade repair packet--it's "too hard"

My students have done basically nothing all year. I told them that I had a packet (I bought a former student's self made study notes from her and blanked out a few words in each thing.). A lot of teachers at my school, to cook their books, give some BS 3rd grade level MC quiz and make it their entire average. I don't feel that's very fair to the students who busted their ass all year for one, but for two it's the reason why they're always failing their tests, including EOY assessments.
It's divided by standard. Each one has about 5 pages--a story, a summary of the standard, and practice questions (it was worth the 50 bucks I paid this girl it's so well made). My gradebook is divided by standard, not assignment. So you do the packet for this standard and the grade for that standard goes up accordingly. If you've done nothing then the packet is 60 pages. If you're only low on 1-2 standards then it's 10 pages.
They also have the option to do a presentation of "teaching" the standard instead.
I had students ask me to print them the whole thing to take home, only to find it in the trash of my room because as soon as they decided that it was "lame" they threw it out.
But yeah sure it's that I can't do my job. That's why these kids who are in 7th grade with below literate reading levels aren't passing your 24 page unit tests sure.
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2022.01.22 02:57 DumbLiberalLogic Is it ok to wear pants more than once a day?

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2022.01.22 02:57 MediocreSwimming What does not deserve the hate it gets?

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2022.01.22 02:56 deadtoaster2 8 track tape 1977

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2022.01.22 02:56 pandabrrr0 SHOCKING. Thought 90% of the pay is from customer’s tip… and i thought wrong.

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2022.01.22 02:56 CatchNo2298 Not my meme don’t come at me

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2022.01.22 02:56 jessqueen999 [US] [BUYING] deadman wonderland compete collection, seraph of the end comple collection, i am a hero omnibus 10, naurto, one punch man

Looking to buy all these to finish collecting my manga addiction Naurto 2,3,23-27, 51,52,55,58,71 One punch man 2,4,21 Black clover 16
I'm also looking for east of west year 3 ! I have sooo much to trade if you dont want to sell
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2022.01.22 02:56 SnooHobbies7109 The house in Valley of the Stars is looking spooky this evening, waiting for someone to move in!

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2022.01.22 02:56 TenebrisFishTaco When was Aurora selling signed vinyls?

So a week ago I saw her short and saw she was drawing a little surprise on it, so I went to the commetns to see whats up, and one person said they missed out on the signed vinyl sale. When was this? I bought a vinyl, poster, and ticket for her virtual concert on moment, but now I want a signed one.
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2022.01.22 02:56 BelieveMeOneMoreTime Weekend plan.

This is where I mess it up. I haven’t gotten through an entire weekend since mid 2019.
I’m going to write down my plan tonight. Hour by hour. It’s the only thing I can think of to try… if I can make it to about 6pm on Sunday, I’ll be through the hard stuff…
Any other ideas? I’m open.
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2022.01.22 02:56 Sukeban312 【生徒紹介】 矯正局から脱獄した「七囚人」の一人、ワカモさん。 無差別かつ大規模な破壊行為により「災厄の狐」と呼ばれ、動機や目的など一切が謎。また、仮面の下に隠された素顔は鬼のように怖いなどの噂がありますが…

【生徒紹介】 矯正局から脱獄した「七囚人」の一人、ワカモさん。 無差別かつ大規模な破壊行為により「災厄の狐」と呼ばれ、動機や目的など一切が謎。また、仮面の下に隠された素顔は鬼のように怖いなどの噂がありますが… submitted by Sukeban312 to BlueArchive [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 02:56 popcornboiii U.S.-Russia Tensions Escalate over Ukraine; U.S. May Stumble into War, Warns Katrina vanden Heuvel

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2022.01.22 02:56 Dramatic-Marsupial80 What yall think of this?

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2022.01.22 02:56 Tergler1221 I don't understand about these plot hole.

In Episode 23, Okabe failed once, and was given a video, he was given a video and then succeeded the second time. If he succeeded the second time, he wouldn't have a reason to make the video to send to himself. Normally it wouldn't matter, but it doesn't make sense because the video from episode 1 which consists of a blur would've also shown the video without static. We know it wasn't purposely made solely because none of the Okabe knew which timeline was steins;gate, and it wasn't on steins;gate 0 timeline because the video would instantly turn back to steins;gate, but it wasn't on steins;gate timeline because none of the Okabes knew how to pinpoint the world (if the steins;gate 0 Okabe knew how to block transmission from other worldlines except his own, similar to divergence meter where it only opens at only a single divergence line), but because these Okabe never knew which world was steins;gate, the video would had never existed. So how did the original Okabe know which world was steins;gate?
I think episode 23/vn was sped up, the endings don't make sense because of the established rules. It would had make sense if the video was never sent in the first place, until he failed because that's how all d-mail d-rine works.
The video basically stated to not un-do anything or he'll forget. This theory was also proven in the movie (Kurisu time travels, sends a video, and comes back. Therefore it's not paradox because it was from the same divergence Kurisu), and in Steins;gate Linear Bounded Phenogram, (in Kurisu's route, she time skipped back to meet Okabe which is suspiciously and exactly similar to the VN and anime, even the dialogue was exactly the same, but Okabe didn't have the memory that she'd time traveled back.)
In Episode 23, why didn't Okabe have memories of Steins;gate 0 Okabe? Or at least have the memories from Okabe from Steins;gate 0 in a year from now, (because D-mail/D-rin also changes the user's perception and reality of time, so if Okabe A moves to another timeline at 4:00, Okabe B would still be Okabe B until 4:00 when his body switches to Okabe A, (At least said in the anime and VN and manga when Kurisu says Okabe changed drastically different)).
We know Steins;gate Okabe never knew about Beta timeline because of the badges he'd gave which only consist of 8 members, whereas Steins;gate 0 has badges which consist of 10 members.
The first theory I've got was from chaos;head or chaos;child in one of their true endings where they remake the world, when they remade the world, they ultimately changed the timeline to steins;gate. But the questions remains, did their delusions actually happened in the world? If it did, then does it mean the timeline moved without Okabe noticing with his reading steiner. If it does, then that explains why Okabe started to experience his reading steiners after he sent his first D-mail and never experienced his reading steiner before his first D-mail, but the problem with this theory is the movie deja vu.
In Deja vu, Okabe knew Kurisu kissed him, which basically unlocked his reading steiner, but somehow, he never knew she kissed him until he got the mail and he knew all other timelines he'd moved through, but some reason didn't know who was Kurisu's colleagues. (they still had the 8 member badge I believe).
If the theory is correct somehow, then wouldn't it make Okabe a psychic? Because no one noticed the world changed except the kids in the earthquake incident, (I never watched the chaos series) not even the people with deja vu, which they would've definitely noticed their powers.
Another theory I've got is a multiple Time verse theory, where Okabe from the future can meet the Okabe from the past, but the Okabe from the past will never become the Okabe from the future. For example, If I had vision I was going to die in a car accident tomorrow, and my vision was always correct, then if I suicide before I died in a car accident, wouldn't that make my vision false? If it made my vision false, then that would mean I would never die in a car accident, but that would also mean I wouldn't suicide because I know I would never die in a car accident.
In order to fix that paradox, there needs to be a parallel timeverse, or there needs to be quantum uncertainty. (hence why most Deju vus you've experienced never exactly happen,)
Another plot twist I've got is divergence interchangeable, like does 1.000001% in the future turn into 1.02%? Or does 1.0001% only exist at a point, and disappear? Think of this, If in 1.01% Divergence line, I sent a D-mail to my parents to never eat broccoli, and they get fat and changed into 1.02% divergence line, wouldn't that mean 1.01% only exists until I sent the D-mail, and wouldn't it also mean 1.02% wouldn't exist until 1.01% exist? How would 1.02% exist unless 1.01% exist? (which ceased to exist after I sent D-mail).
Tbh, this is why concept of Time doesn't exist in our universe. It is possible to travel back in time if we can prove there is negative energy and negative temperature (below absolute zero), but time itself doesn't exist as we know it. It's like trying to turn |x| = -1, impossible by our own standard of math.
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